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Kinga Returns

Kinga Karolczak, the Secret Garden dweller rejected by Makosi in Week 5 of the game, has entered the House tonight as hinted-at by us in an article published yesterday.

As Derek impatiently waited for the Diary Room door to open at around 9.30pm, he had a shock coming to him when the light finally went green.

For, as the oft-grumpy writer went to step inside, he found Kinga standing there ready to join the group, giving the political man a massive surprise!

With Del literally jumping backwards in shock, he was absolutely delighted to meet the bubbly new housemate, who then got re-acquainted with someone she'd met before.

As Kinga met an overly-excited Makosi, there were none of the expected fireworks - she was apparently livid that Makosi hadn’t chosen her to graduate from the Secret Garden on day 32.

After Derek declared, "You’re my sort of girl, I like you!", the call centre worker then introduced herself to Anthony and Craig, but seemed to be blanking Eugene as the minutes passed-by.

However, after a bout of verbal diarrhoea, Kinga suddenly realised that she’d forgotten to say hello to her former Secret Garden mate, before saying, "Hi Eugene, how are you?"

"I thought you’d ignored me," said the resident geek, but it wasn’t a deliberate attempt on Kinga’s behalf.

Talk about liven the place up! Everyone was really excited, but Craig initially looked a bit bemused and peeved by the very late arrival of a new housemate.

However, she'd brought with her ciggies and booze for the group, which was guaranteed to make her popular for a while at least, and to us, Kinga looked noticeably more attractive than she did before.

Sporting nicer make-up, a new hairdo and actually wearing some clothes this time, Kinga looked really good and had visibly lost some weight since the last time we saw her.

The fun-loving 20-year-old also managed to tone down the crude comments that made her first entrance so memorable. Thank God!

However, the old Kinga hadn’t completely gone away, as the conversation soon turned to religion, masturbation and sexuality, with her revealing that she was bi-curious and stating that she'd happily sleep with Britney Spears.

To us, it was amazing that Derek had even given Kinga the time of day, let alone relished her arrival, but it remains to be seen whether she really is ‘his kind of girl’.

In the meantime, let the fun commence!

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