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Orlaith Has QUIT!

This morning, at around 10.30am, Orlaith dramatically left the game of her own accord after spending five weeks in the Big Brother House.

The model had apparently decided to quit because she couldn't stand living with Derek any more.

Up until Big Bro made the announcement that the BB6 latecomer would be leaving in 5 minutes, it could have been just another one of her threats to add to all the others.

Even Davina said at Kemal's eviction last night something to the effect of 'Orlaith quitting? My a**e!' However, it wasn't just a threat this time, as Orlaith was preparing to go this morning.

Fixing her make-up in preparation for her somewhat anticlimactic exit, the Belfast Baby said, "I haven't regretted coming in".

With Makosi, Craig and Anthony in the room, they picked-up where they'd left off last night in discussing how to make Derek feel guilty today.

It was suggested by Orlaith last night that they should tell Derek she was the real mole and that her work was now done; that she had to choose the Final 3 (i.e. them).

However, they must have underestimated Del's nous, as there's no way he would have fallen for that crock. Or even cared what her mission was, for that matter. He's always thought she was a pointless addition to the House anyway.

"Make him want to sit this week and think 'What has happened?'" said the soon-to-be quitter about the man she confessed to hating, before adding, "Don't let him think I've walked".

Makosi, acting as though they were the closest of friends, tried to change Orlaith's mind, but the lady was not for turning.

Orlaith was soon called to the Diary Room and after a quick round of cuddles she was gone. Derek and Eugene didn't say goodbye, not that she'd have wanted to hear from the former!

So, Orlaith's gone, which leaves five contenders for the prize money. To us, her quitting is no big loss; it's just a shame that Kemal had to go first, and in such circumstances.

Thinking about the public vote where Orlaith faced Kemal, there was just 3% in it... we almost wish 'the powers that be' had fixed the figures to at least let someone stay who'd continue to relish the opportunity.

Oh well, Orlaith may have succeeded in stealing Kemal's 'eviction' thunder but, her quitting aside, she hasn't been quite so successful in becoming a memorable Big Brother contestant.

Still, perhaps it's better to be known as a quitter rather than a loser?

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