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Mary: The Davina Interview

Mary had been out of the Big Brother House for a just a few minutes and Davina asked how she was feeling, "Absolutely fantastic. Really exhilarated", came the reply.

The first evictee of the series admitted that she had been feeling nervous and thanked the audience for turning-up. Predictably, Davina re-iterated about any boos from the crowd were just ‘Panto’.

The thing is, you don’t need to say that now Davina; if Big brother applicants can’t handle a bit of stick, they shouldn’t go in for the show.

When quizzed about why she’d wanted to quit, Mary said that she was overwhelmed and nervous when she first arrived, but last night had a good meal and decided that she’d like to stay.

Anthony, Saskia and Sam the names given when asked who she thought had nominated her, but the crowd sniggered because they were party to Big Bro’s twist.

Davina then showed Mary a VT spelling-out what had happened, which certainly raised an eyebrow from the serious-looking evictee.

However, in fairness to Makosi, it was edited right down and didn’t show the bit where she stated that her choosing Mary wasn’t in any way malicious.

What can I say, "Snake in the grass… I’m completely shocked", came Mary’s response. She considered Makosi a friend, but hopefully the pair can patch things up on the outside?

Davina informed Mary that Saskia was the only person who actually nominated her, after Mary had said that she thought it might have been Ant.

"Certain housemates are a bit shallow," said Mary, before stating that Anthony was focused on the physical aspects of women. She didn’t get on with Saskia and was disappointed in Makosi.

The serious psychic declared that her relationship was hot and cold with Roberto, said that eventually she liked Maxwell, thought Derek was hard to work out, considered Vanessa a bit quiet, loved Kemal, thought Science had a lot of intelligent things to say and respected Makosi for her game-playing.

When asked by Davina if she’d put a spell on anyone in the house, Mary amusingly replied, "No, I didn’t need to, because they’ve (got) enough rope in there to hang themselves!"

After giving her opinion that no-one really fancies anyone in the house, Mary told Davina frankly that she’d gone on the show because she needed the money.

From her time in the house, Mary said that she'd gained personal growth: more confidence, the ability not to judge a book by its cover and a commitment to be less self-conscious.

Speculating over who might be kicked-out next, Mary stated that she hoped it wasn’t Science, because there’s a lot more to him beneath the bad boy persona.

When shown the traditional ‘best bits’ VT by Davina, Mary smiled a couple of times, particularly at Maxwell’s cheeky comments.

Right at the end of the tape, and almost the end of Mary’s Big Brother experience, it was particularly nice to hear Londoner Max genuinely say, "She’s a lovely-looking girl when she wants to sort herself out".

And that was that; the end of so-called ‘Scary Mary’ as far as Big Brother is concerned. We have a feeling that she'll be missed.

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