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Nominees Announced

During tonight’s special live show, the nominees facing the 'boot at Friday night's 1st Eviction of the series were announced. They are:

Craig and Mary.

However, this was almost nothing to do with the nominations that took place yesterday, as amazingly, our prediction in a previous story that Makosi would choose them came true!

At the 1st Nominations here’s who everyone voted-for, with the number of votes they received in brackets. We'll be detailing the Nominations in full detail in another story soon, also accessible shortly via the contestant profiles above:

Anthony (1) - Derek and Makosi
Craig (1) - Makosi and Kemal
Derek (2) - Sam and Saskia
Kemal (1) - Maxwell and Sam
Lesley (0) - Sam and Makosi
Makosi (4) - Roberto and Anthony
Mary (1) - Saskia and Roberto
Maxwell (2) - Makosi and Vanessa
Roberto (4) - Science and Vanessa
Sam (4) - Vanessa and Derek
Saskia (2) - Mary and Craig
Science (1) - Roberto and Maxwell
Vanessa (3) - Sam and Roberto

So, Mary, Roberto and Sam had received the joint-highest number of nominations and, according to Big Bro’s secret ploy in cahoots with Makosi (see Day 1), this meant that all three housemates were actually immune from eviction this week.

Going by the number of votes received, it should therefore have been Derek, Maxwell, Saskia, Science and Vanessa up for eviction, but the nomination tally became irrelevant when Big Brother asked Makosi to choose the two nominees.

Ooooh, Harsh!

This came as a bit of a blow to the 24-year-old, who was clearly not prepared for this scenario. However, after lots of deliberation Makosi chose Mary and then Craig to face the public vote.

Her reasons for choosing Mary were basically because the white witch hadn’t been doing too well in the house lately (i.e. threatening to quit) and Makosi stated that she wasn’t being ‘malicious’.

Craig was her second choice, partly down to his ‘joined at the hip’ relationships with certain members of the group.

So, who stays, who goes? YOU decide!

Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night. The telephone numbers are detailed in another story within our Latest News section.

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