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Makosi: Fast Emerging As Queen Bee?

The thirteen Big Brother 6 housemates have only known each other for a matter of five days, but already the house seems to have split into a complicated series of fractions.

However, what with all the gossiping, backstabbing, bitching, sniping, praising and sucking-up tonight, it has become almost impossible to keep-up with who genuinely likes who.

It may just be that each contestant is looking-out for themselves, but one thing’s for sure, against all the odds Makosi seems to be emerging as Queen Bee, Top Dog, or to put it another way, the most manipulative b*tch in the house!

Tonight, Saskia pulled-aside and had words with Mary over the way she’d spoken to Lesley, regarding the way she’d spoken to Sam - are you following?

And later, when chatting to Derek and Saskia, Roberto stated that he preferred Lesley to ‘the witch’ (Mary), saying, "She’s real, she’s here".

Dezza revealed that Lesley’s singing had impressed him enough to get to know her more, and it was mutually agreed that you get what you see with the Huddersfield lass.

But chatting to Kemal up in the Loft room, Makosi, who at one point amusingly came-out with, "I’m just talking about me here because I always talk about me!", was laying into the ‘thickies’ of the group.

With Kemal eagerly participating in the bitching ‘sesh, there was talk of how people like Craig, Anthony and Max always mention the BB6 prize money or talk about going to premieres when they get booted out.

And ironically, the trio were talking about precisely those subjects as they relaxed in the pool! In fact, Craig said that he wouldn’t give any of the £100k to charity, but would spend it on a better salon.

When Kemal suggested that several housemates aren’t forming their own opinions, Saskia, who was also in the Loft room joining-in the convo, said that she just didn’t want to get involved in certain things.

However, a little later on, she herself was relaying what was said in the Loft room to members of the so-called, ‘stupid school of fish’ - Kemal’s words!

Makosi also managed to get a dig in about Derek, even though he’d only just left the room, by claiming that he was ‘acting’ all the time. Kemal was unsure.

What’s noticeable to us is that people often seek-out Makosi for a gossip and with her undoubtedly influencing the thoughts of more and more housemates, the make-believe Royal really does appear to be emerging as Queen Bee.

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