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It's Nomination Day

Today, the housemates were set to nominate for the first time this series, but only Makosi knew that the procedure would take place so soon.

For she was the 'Unlucky 13th' contestant who scrambled to be the first housemate into the Diary Room on Day 1, but paid a price for her enthusiasm - she was automatically put up for Eviction this Friday.

Since then, following an initial misunderstanding, the cardiac nurse ruthlessly carried-out Big Bro's secret mission, which was to rile as many of her peers as possible so that they'd nominate her.

And we reckon she's done a pretty good job too!

Not only has Makosi been argumentative and confrontational, but she also came-up with a clever ruse to pretend that she'd been offered wine in return for doing a task, but had refused to do it.

Of course there was no such task, but it was fantastic watching the sparks fly as the boys thought Makosi's stubbornness had cost them some booze.

The thing is, will enough people nominate Makosi to save her bacon? Don't forget, she's managed to find herself at least a couple of allies and the housemates have an inkling that she's been working for Big Brother.

So, will they want Derek out instead for going to bed early? Will they have seen enough of Kemal's camp behaviour? Or will they want to see the back Science for, well, everything?!

Who can say?

Makosi was anxious today in anticipation, but we don't think she needed to be. After all, it is the public that decides which housemate gets the old 'heave-ho' on Friday night.

And if Makosi had considered that fact right from the start, it might have been a better plan to just be nice to everyone in the hope that the public would warm to her.

That said, that would have been boring, so just for embracing the task and risking her reputation, we don't think she should go.

To find-out who this week's nominees are, check back on Wednesday evening.

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