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Unrest At Bedtime

Approaching 3am, with most of the group in the bedroom under the premise of going to sleep, certain housemates were in playful mode and seemed intent on causing chaos.

The light had been suddenly switched-on once already, and when it happened again, Maxwell jumped out of bed and had a right old moan.

There was giggling and general ‘mucking about abound and the fact that Sam stood in front of the mirror and gave a rendition of ‘Like a Virgin’ didn’t help matters!

Science and Rob joined Max in trying to shut everyone up, but when Mary came in Kemal started fretting over the fact that the psychic housemate had apparently seen ghosts in the corner of the room.

Nice one, just what you want to hear at bedtime!

This really spooked Science and the more he got wound up about it, the more the girls seemed to giggle.

With the lights switched back off, there was also suggestion that water had been flicked around the room and eventually Derek and Mary retreated to the lounge to get some sleep.

Meanwhile, Lesley launched a verbal attack on Sam, suggesting that ‘every man was her type’ before accusing her of fancying Max. "He’s just a friend", claimed the marketing student.

But a frank Max shut the pair up, by saying, "I fancy the f*** out of her… I’d marry her tomorrow!" He then stormed-off to join Derek and Mary for some peace.

Over in the lounge, Rob soon joined the other three bedroom evacuees and five minutes later, Craig turned-up followed by Sam, who duly joined-in with a bitching session about Lesley.

Science and Kemal eventually made their way to the lounge and it was agreed by all that they should have a group chat in the morning to sort it all out.

So, it looks like things are getting serious already in the Big Brother House.

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