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It's 'Unlucky 13' For One New Housemate!

We mentioned in our recent story that the revamped house contains just twelve chairs around the dining room table, but thirteen contestants are set to enter the house on Friday night. So, what's Big Bro up to?

Well, our story sparked rumours that the thirteenth member of the group is in for something of a raw deal during their stay in the house; great news for all you ever-so-slightly sadistic BB fans!

In fact, Big Brother has since confirmed that it definitely has a few tricks up its sleeve and that the thirteenth person will be, "The unluckiest housemate ever".

But what does that mean exactly? That some poor blighter will get booted-out within hours/ minutes of walking through those famous doors?

Nah, we don't think so.

In light of Anouska's early exit from Big Brother 4 - something the producers lived to regret - they wouldn't go to the trouble of painstakingly choosing someone just to see them leave virtually straight away again.

We think it far more likely that the unlucky contestant will unknowingly be the butt of Big Bro's pranks, as the all-seeing one recently boasted to BBO that it has always been evil and intends to keep the housemates on their toes this year.

So, as in BB5 when Emma and Michelle amusingly controlled Victor's shower temperature (hehe), it could be that the other housemates will deliberately or unwittingly make life difficult for 'the chosen one?'

Or, perhaps the fans will join forces with Big Bro by voting to do bad things to the 'hapless Harry' or Harriet?

Whatever, the speculation now is about precisely how the thirteenth person will be chosen and, putting two and two together (and probably making seven! - Ed), here at BBO we reckon that the chairs must be something to do with it.

Last person to take a seat at the table perhaps? We shall see.

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