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Big Brother 6 - We Take A Look Inside The House

Our longstanding air duct midget may well have been rumbled for spying on the BB producers, but that's not 'gonna stop the BBO team bringing you all the gen on the latest £100,000 Big Brother House redesign.

No siree, because in the best 'A-Team' tradition we spent 15-minutes routing around the local scrap yard and with the help of our trusty oxyacetylene welding gear, built a replica Davina robot (complete with voice box volume knob - heh!) and sent it to Elstree to get some pics.

Okay, we're just being really silly there, but we have seen inside the house and so can let you guys know what it's like first-hand. Here goes...

For starters, the 13 new contestants will enter the house via a gold door at the bottom of some stairs, which leads them straight into the dining area. However, mysteriously there's only 12 chairs around the transparent table, but more about that in a forthcoming story.

The famous Diary Room is now on the left-hand side, but to their right, the housemates will find the sole bedroom. New for BB6, this room - which contains 11 beds, 2 of which are doubles - features a huge glass wall.

Here at BBO, we think this is ploy by producers to minimise the housemates' privacy and cause paranoia. It could prove successful in implementing Big Bro's agenda for giving them 'nowhere to hide' e.g. in light of a falling-out, major argument or inevitable bout of bitching!

Big Bro can put electric blinds in place if it wishes, but the evil entity seems to have gone all 'voyeuristic' this year and has installed special heat-sensitive cameras to help it spy on the housemates at bed time.

Remember the curious under-the-sheets nighttime game 'Follow The Van' from BB3? Well, in light of any such shenanigans this time around, viewers will be able to see precisely where the van travels! Oo-er.

Otherwise, the bedroom features orange walls with multi-coloured 'spotty' duvets and the decor throughout the rest of the house is modern, clean, but pretty spartan. Features include yellow and black kitchen units, an American-style fridge, blue/ off-white carpets and 'polo mint' style white chairs replacing last year's so-called egg chairs.

Big Brother top bod Phil Edgar-Jones hinted to us that although the house initially seems quite smart and reasonably spacious inside, it might turn-out to be not quite what the housemates think. What that means, we have no idea!

In the garden, the shocked group will find an outside shower area complete with three heads - the only place to shower in the whole house - along with a raised plungepool and slightly bigger lawn than before. However, it was the staircase leading to a kind-of secret loft room that intrigued us.

This bijou room, which does contain a window but is effectively the only private place in the BB House, could be used for a number of things. Perhaps it will be used as a treat, or indeed as a punishment? Or, maybe Big Bro is hoping that a canoodling couple will get jiggy in there?

Either way, one thing's for sure: only two people can realistically fit inside, so it's certainly got the makings of a 'love den' like the one used extensively by Helen and Paul during BB2. 'Stuff', anyone?

This year, the main lounge area - which contains a split-level green sofa - is glass fronted and accessible only by going through the doors near the kitchen area and across the garden.

So, it's looking good and we'll be sending pictures of the new Big Brother 6 House interior to our Newsletter Mailing subscribers soon, but will probably add them to this story at a later date.

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