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Big Brother All-Time 'Top 20' Housemates

Since Big Brother first hit our screens in the year of the new millennium, 62 fools, er, fantastic contestants have taken part in the UK version of the show.

So, to try and find-out who the fans' faves are, Channel 4 asked viewers to vote and came-up the following list of ex-housemates, all of whom made it into the Top 20:

Alex Sibley (BB3)
Alison Hammond (BB3)
Anna Nolan (BB1)
Brian Dowling (BB2)
Cameron Stout (BB4)
Craig Phillips (BB1)
Emma Greenwood (BB5)
Helen Adams (BB2)
Jade Goody (BB3)
Jon Tickle (BB4)
Kate Lawler (BB3)
Marco Sabba (BB5)
Michelle Bass (BB5)
Nadia Almada (BB5)
'Nasty Nick' Bateman (BB1)
Paul Clarke (BB2)
Ray Shah (BB4)
Spencer 'Spanky' Smith (BB3)
Stuart Wilson (BB5)
Victor 'Part-time-rapper-slash-hitman' Ebuwa (BB5)

However, before you throw a wobbler and start ranting, "What the heck is whathisname from Scotland, the fisherman bloke, doing so high up the list?", you may wish to note that the above list of names is simply in alphabetical order, nothing else. Phew!

So that's three contestants each from BB's 1 & 2, five from BB3, amazingly three from BB4 (sorry, we try not to mention that series!) and six from BB5. All five Winners are included, which with the benefit of hindsight is a bit of surprise in the case of one of them - you know who we mean.

This pretty much bears-out the general consensus amongst fans: that last year's Big Brother Series 5 was the best yet, closely followed by the unforgettable 3rd Series featuring Jade Goody et al.

Talking of which, it's definitely a surprise that 'gadgie' fireman Jonny Regan wasn't included in the list, especially as he played such a big part in the success of the 2002 series, coming second overall.

Anyway, to find out the actual result, tune-in to e4 on Wednesday the 25th and Thursday the 26th of May 2005 at 10pm (repeated later on Channel 4), when BBLB presenter Dermot O' Leary will probably tell us that Jade came in at Number 1!

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