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Latest Big Brother 6 News

We've been getting an increasing number of e-mails lately about the forthcoming series of your/ our fave TV show, with Big Bro fans apparently desperate for information. Admittedly, we haven't written much about BB6 recently, but mainly 'cos there hasn't a lot to write about.

In fact, the show's production team are doing an excellent job of keeping things close to their chest this year and our secret 'airduct' spy appears to have been finally flushed out. Bah!

Don't fret though, as more inside information will doubtless make it's way to us as time goes by, but all that leaves us with for now is rumours; something that we're not all that keen to report-on, as they're usually wrong.

So, sticking with the facts for now, what we can tell you is that the new series will once again be fronted by the one-and-only Davina McCall. Don't get us wrong, we love the two-time 'Big Mutha' but hope she'll return to form for her sixth outing as the show's presenter.

Last year, the always-excitable 37-year-old was accused of not probing evictees enough during interviews. It was also noted that Davina doled-out the 'official Channel 4 line' in place of her own banter and often paid too much attention to the gallery voices in her ear, to the extent of appearing confused and unprofessional at times.

Perhaps the bubbly brunette had her knuckles rapped for ridiculing the size of cocky (no pun intended!) BB4 contestant Federico Martone's manhood during his eviction interview in 2003? A watchdog later threw-out multiple complaints.

We just hope that this year, the experienced presenter will earn her £500,000 salary by memorising her key questions, yanking out her earpiece and ad libbing her way through it. All being well, that'll make for fun and thorough eviction interviews, just like they used to be.

Oh, and extending the interview shows by 10 or 15-minutes wouldn't go amiss either. We're almost certain that during BB Series 1 and 2 the exit interviews were longer? C4 and Endemol bods reading this, please take note.

Anyway, this year we believe the series will run for 11 weeks, instead of 10 as last year. For every series prior to that, it was a 9-week run.

There were rumours that Big Brother 6 would be on for a whopping 16 weeks, but that would be a test for even the die-hard fans. We're thinking here of the people who, like us, watch the show around the clock and really need a break by the end of the summer, or they'd go nuts!

Talking of the summer, many fans try and plan their holiday around Big Brother and so if you're one of them, you may wish to note that the new series is likely to start on Friday the 27th of May 2005 and finish around the 12th of August.

Right, that's it for now. Please be aware that when the series is live, we update our News section with lots of stories each day. And remember, our news is independent and unique; you can't get it anywhere else, so please be sure to pop back.

See you again soon.

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