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Big Brother To Continue For Another 3 Years

Big Brother auditions are now well and truly over, with less than two months to go until the start of the next series. So, we cannot stress enough that it is entirely pointless you contacting us to plead for a place in the house.

However, if you applied to be on this year's show and got nowhere, the good news is that you've just been handed a few more chances, as Channel 4 have signed-up to transmit Big Brother for another three years.

The channel originally signed a three-year deal with programme makers Endemol, but extended to six years around the time of Big Brother 3 in 2002.

So, this year's Big Brother (Series 6) might well have been the last one, but the show is such a ratings winner that Channel 4 have now commissioned it for another three years/series in an alleged £60 Million deal.

This comes as no surprise, given that last summer's Series 5 gained an audience of over 7 Million viewers on the launch night. The same series was widely lauded as the best yet.

A Channel 4 insider told us, "Now in its sixth season, Big Brother is still huge and fans look forward to the show every year. We would be crazy to relinquish the format, as it would undoubtedly be snapped-up by another broadcaster".

The forthcoming series will almost certainly be the last one made at the current Big Brother house, which cost around £500,000 to build in advance of series 3.

Channel 4 are hoping to recoup their substantial investment from TV and internet advertising, sponsorship and of course telephone voting revenue.

This deal is fantastic news for fans of the show and bears out what we've been saying for some time now; that Big Brother will probably run for 10 years.

Just think, there's still scope for Big Bro to discover a character even more dippy than our favourite Bermondsey girl, Jade Goody.

Erm, is that actually possible?!

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