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IMPORTANT: The below article refers to Series 6, which took place back in 2005. For details on applying for the next series, please visit our Home page and read the Latest News/ add yourself to our Mailing List. Do NOT use the Latest News link to the right of this particular page, as that will take you to an old, archived news section.

Audition/ Apply For Big Brother 6 Now

If you're one the many fans who've been chomping at the bit to apply for Big Brother 6, you can stop hassling us now. For the time has come for us to reveal the audition dates and venues.

Not one of us in the BBO office would ever consider applying to be on Big Brother. To do-so you'd have to be, in the words of original Blingmeister General 'Mr T', "A crazy fool!"

Seriously, we wouldn't go in for the show mainly because the contestants are open to all sorts of stress and strife. Also, out-of the thirteen contestants, only one can take home the prize money. The others get nothing, even if they manage to last 10-weeks and come 2nd overall.

Now if that prize money was a Million 'quid, like it is in America, then we might be tempted...

If you're seriously considering applying though, just bear in mind that you might not be portrayed as you'd like, or more to the point, the editing of the show could paint you as stupid, bossy, or even a bit of a git.

Think about the latter type of characters and lots of names spring to mind: BB1's 'Nasty Nick' Bateman, BB2's Stuart Hosking, BB3's Tim Culley, BB4's er... okay, so all the guys from BB4 were 'nice' (read: dull), but BB5's Jason Cowan and Vic 'The Slick' Ebuwa certainly got things back on track.

None of the above came across as the kind of people you'd want as your friends, did they? However they're probably not that bad in real life to be honest.

But it's not just the guys that have faired badly since the show began in 2000. BB1's Melanie Hill, BB2's Narinder Kaur, BB3's Adele Roberts, BB4's notorious Lisa 'Two Fingers' Jeynes and BB5's Michelle Bass (stalker alert!) and Becki Seddiki have all taken their fair share of flack from the fans and tabloids alike.

Just think, even in 10 years time people will be saying to Nick Bateman, "Aren't you the guy who lied and cheated during Big Brother?" So, you have to ask yourself: is it worth the hassle just for 15 minutes of fame?

We suspect the answer for many thousands of visitors to this website is YES! And good job too, as where would we Big Bro fans be without you? Anyway, on to the auditions...

This year, there's no need to fill-in an application form or send a video tape as-was the procedure for Series 1 to 4. You just need to turn-up at one of eight open Auditions, starting on Saturday the 5th of February and ending on Sunday the 6th of March 2005.

Obviously, large numbers of people are expected to attend and so inevitably, not everyone will make it into the actual audition rooms. Don't fret though, as the production team will doubtless be scouring the queues for interesting people and may clock you, even if you're right at the back.

On that note, we re-iterate: please remember to be yourself. If you're normally really chatty and bubbly then by all means be-so on the day, but try not to 'ham it up' too much (oh, and ditch those Little Britain impressions). Conversely, if you're normally a reasonably quiet person but something of a wit, act naturally and perhaps that's what the producers will be looking-for this year?

The contestant group from 2004's BB Series 5 caused lots of friction and when all's said and done, that's what we fans want to see. However, ultimately that series proved a little too explosive and producers are therefore looking to encourage more 'fun' this time around.

Funny/ camp/ big characters will almost certainly catch their eye. However, remember that every 'funny man' needs a straight man to bounce off, so don't start jumping around, cracking gags and singing show tunes if you normally have the demeanour of Jack Dee!

So, if you want to be in with a shout of winning a possible £100k this summer, get yourself along to one of the below venues and shine. Just remember to keep in touch with BBO and let us know how you get on. Also, if you do make it into the house, please put your family in touch with Big Brother Online so that we can support you.

Best of luck.

Click here for a list of Audition Venues and Dates

Click here to read our Big Brother 6 Audition FAQ's

PLEASE NOTE: This is an OLD article referring to Series 6, which took place many years ago. Therefore, the content and links above are no longer relevant.

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