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PLEASE NOTE: This is an OLD article that refers to Series 7, which took place in 2006. For details on applying for the next series, please visit our Home page and click the 'Latest News' link. Do not use the Latest News link to the right of this page, as that may take you to an old, archived news section.

Audition/ Apply For Big Brother 7 Now

Right, you can stop e-mailing us now, for the time has come to reveal the audition dates and venues for Big Brother 7. Finally!

About applying, we've said it before and we'll say it again: not one of us in the BBO office would apply to be on Big Brother. Why? Because arguably, you stand to lose more than you stand to gain.

We're referring to the fact that contestants often take a lot of flak from the public and Press during a series. Also, it's entirely feasible that someone will be locked-up for around 12 or 13 weeks, come fourth overall and end-up with nothing for their troubles.

That said, evictees often make a few quid from the tabloids, but if you think you might become the next Jade Goody – a millionaire celebrity who continues to make money for basically doing nothing – it's probably not going to happen.

After all, some ex-housemates have had literally no interest from the tabloids and last year, some were offered just a couple of 'grand for their story, even though they were big characters.

Then again, we're fairly sure that you are interested in applying to be on the show for the, erm, 'experimental' aspects of the Big Brother concept, not for the possible fame or fortune that it could bring you. Ahem!

So, bearing in mind that you might not be portrayed as you would like and could become something of a national hate figure like last year's Makosi and Craig, only you can decide whether it'll be worth all the hassle for your 15 minutes of fame?

We suspect that the answer for many thousands of visitors to the BBO site is YES! And good job too, as where would we Big Bro fans be without you? Anyway, on to the auditions...

This year, as-has been the procedure since Series 5, there's no need to fill-out an application form or send-in a video tape. All you have to do is turn-up at one of eight open Auditions, starting on Saturday the 4th of February and ending on Sunday the 5th of March 2005 (although see the FAQ's below for information on additional dates).

Obviously, large numbers of people are expected to attend the auditions and so inevitably, not everyone will make it into the actual 'Audition Diary Rooms'. Don't fret though, as the production team will be scouring the queues for likely candidates and promise to speak to everyone who turns up.

So, what should you do to get their attention? Well, you can do anything you want really, and each year the producers see their fair share of people in silly costumes or those who insist on getting their 'bits' out.

But how many of those people do you think make it on to the show?

Frankly, it's best to just be yourself, as the last thing the production team want (or the fans) is for a candidate to talk a good game, but be as dull as dishwater when it comes down to it. Cameron Stout, anyone?

So, if you're normally chatty, bubbly, ultra-camp or hyperactive, then be-so on the day, but try not to ham it up too much or you'll be seen as a total-and-utter wannabe.

Conversely, if you're normally quite reserved, but are something of a wit, act naturally and perhaps that's what the producers will be looking-for this year? If you're a librarian though, you might want to funk things up a bit!

We can't tell you precisely what the producers are looking for, but a mix of fun-loving, camp, dizzy, brainy, witty, humorous, geeky, confident, argumentative, obnoxious, controversial and calming characters always works well.

If you're all of the above, you're IN!

Larger-than-life characters will always get noticed first, but such people have the potential to annoy, so being one isn't your guarantee of getting further. Hmm, then again.

Lastly, remember that every funny man needs a straight man to bounce off, so don't start jumping around like, er, Michael Barrymore if you normally have the demeanour of Pete Burns. To be honest, you're probably not as funny as you think you are... a bit like Michael Barrymore.

So, if you want to be in with a shout of winning a possible £100k this summer, get yourself along to one of the below venues and shine. Just remember to keep in touch with BBO and let us know how you get on. Also, if you do make it into the house, please put your family in touch with Big Brother Online so that we can support you.

Best of luck.

Click here for a list of Audition Venues and Dates (Pop-up; see FAQ's below)

Click here to read our Big Brother 7 Audition 'Frequently Asked Questions'

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