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Craig Chats For Children In Need

To many fans he came across as annoying, obnoxious and downright nasty during his time in the Big Brother House. No, not BB1's 'Nasty Nick' Bateman or BB5's Jason Cowan, but last series' camp crimper, Craig Coates.

Well, now he's back on the scene, because the man dubbed 'The Norfolk Stalker' during BB6 is helping the BBC in his home County raise money for Children in Need.

God, they must have been desperate!

Although Craig had something of a (teen) following in the early stages of BB6, the bitchy hairdresser eventually infuriated the majority of the (adult) audience with his letchy behaviour towards fellow contestant Anthony Hutton.

But, as predicted by us at the time, since the show ended in August, series Winner Anthony has steered clear of his infatuated sidekick on the advice of his proper pals.

After all, Craig's totally obsessive behaviour resulted in the Press (and consequently the public) questioning Anthony's sexuality. Craig even managed to take some of the heat away from national hate figure Makosi Musambasi, such was the public's disdain for him in the end.

A slightly strange choice of, ahem, 'celebrity' to be wheeling back into the limelight then, but hey ho, it's all in the name of charity after all.

To be fair, there must be lots of BB fans who'd like to quiz Craig about his Big Brother experience and also ask what happened to his hairdressing salon.

And what about the rumour that he's set to appear in a new TV show where he'll dish-out fashion tips; a kind of ultra-bitchy version of Trinny and Susannah? (this could actually be quite good!)

If you'd like to catch up with Craig and find-out what he's been up-to lately, head over to the BBC Norfolk website at 5pm on Friday the 18th of November 2005, when he'll be participating in a live webchat.

And don't forget to watch the Children in Need Appeal show later that night and help Pudsey Bear raise loads of cash, all of which goes to help needy kids in the UK.

Legendary broadcaster Terry Wogan will be back once more to front the show and the fun starts at 7pm on BBC1, with music and entertainment continuing into the early hours.

Craig's Webchat
BBC Children In Need

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