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Tonight's The Night: Big Brother 7 Begins

With interest in Big Brother 7 having grown to fever pitch, Big Bro fans can now rest at ease, for the new series begins tonight. Blimey, has it been a year already?

Yep, longstanding host Davina McCall will kick things off this evening, Thursday the 18th of May 2006, with the live Launch show starting on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Then, everyone's favourite 'shouty' presenter will finally put an end to all the speculation about who might be coming to stay at Elstree's most famous house, and let us know who the hapless twelve (or more) actually are.

Akin to BB2 and BB4, when she famously wore a 'Big Mutha' T-shirt, 38-year-old Davina is expecting another baby this summer. The hyperactive host is due to due to give birth to her third child soon after the series ends (Friday the 18th of August).

But don't worry, despite carting all the paraphernalia around just in case, Davina won't be dropping a sprog in the Big Brother House... 'cos that would just be taking things a bit too far, wouldn't it?

Well, not for programme makers Endemol, who were happy for a 27-year-old law student to give birth (not shown live) to a little girl on the Dutch version of the show last year.

We don't know what's more bizarre, the fact that it ever happened, or the fact that the Dutch Government limited the kid's exposure to the cameras due to strict child labour laws.

We've heard of starting 'em young, and we understand that most youngsters are desperate to get on TV these days, but that's ridiculous!

Anyway, back to Davina. After she's given birth, she'll be able to take plenty of time off given that her salary for presenting the show is allegedly more than the average UK citizen earns in twenty years. Mind you, who else could do it?

Okay, so we can't do without the bubbly brunette, but here at BBO we still say this: Davina, please take-out your earpiece during the interviews and grill the evictees with all the awkward questions that fans want answering.

On that note, you may be pleased to hear that Russell Brand is back with his 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' forum show. In contrast to Davina, the eccentric and irreverent host/ comedian has a reputation for saying exactly what he thinks and often sails pretty close to the wind.

The fast-paced show, which goes out four nights a week on digital channel e4, features all manner of guests who enthusiastically discuss the happenings of Big Brother with an audience, often with anarchic results.

Highly recommended, even if the Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen coiffed presenter does take a bit of getting used to!

And finally, you're probably wondering whether hunky dreamboat Dermot O'Leary will be back this year (well, forget the 'hunky dreamboat' bit unless you're i. female or ii. gay and male). Yep, we're pleased to say that the witty short-ar*ed BBLB host is back onboard. Hooray!

Dermot will once again be talking to the evictees, bringing us up-to-date news and generally messing about on his 'Big Brother's Little Brother' fanzine show. However, it'll only be aired on digital channel e4 this time around, going out four nights a week.

There will be a BBLB show on Channel 4 each Sunday, but fans of Dermot without access to digital tv can look forward to his new C4 show live on Monday nights called 'Big Brother’s Big Brain'. This is basically a psychological analysis of all the BB7 goings-on, and replaces the traditional recorded Sunday show.

You'll also be able to watch plenty of live streaming on e4, the usual Diary Room Uncut shows, the Daily Update shows and of course, the live evictions on Friday nights.

So, plenty to keep you interested there, and if you're anywhere near as big a fan of the show as we are here at BBO, prepare to become BB-brainwashed for the next three months of your life!

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