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Big Brother 7 Start Date Announced

Over the past few months we've heard rumour-upon-rumour about what might be happening during Big Brother 7. However, we're about to give you some facts about the forthcoming series.

Obviously, BB Producers like to keep things under their hat until the show actually starts, but what you want to know is: is it true that a couple will be going into the house and could it be Chantelle and Preston?

Or, will controversial BB6 housemates Makosi and Anthony make a return and be put on opposing teams by Big Bro, as rumoured?

Maybe a celebrity will turn-up in a reverse of the situation seen during January's Celebrity Big Brother 4? Or, despite the inevitable concern and fuss from various busy-body groups, a disabled person might finally get into the House, or someone with tourette syndrome?

Well... we can't say. Bah!

What we can say, is that the series will definitely run for 13 weeks this time around, as mentioned in our FAQ's section some time ago. This makes it the longest series yet, as previous Big Brothers lasted for 9, 10 and then 11 weeks last year.

We can't confirm if there'll be a BB3-style split in the house, or whether there'll be more contestants to start with, but the show's insiders have hinted that the re-jigged House now has enough beds for sixteen housemates.

Last year, the series began with thirteen housemates, but a total of sixteen people had walked through the doors before it ended.

The new series starts a couple of weeks earlier this year, on Thursday the 18th of May 2006. So, for benefit of those fans who like to plan their holiday around the show (you nutters!), Big Brother series 7 will be over by the 20th of August.

Within the next two weeks we hope to bring you some piccies of the changes made to the House, which will possibly show the rumoured extensive use of glass walls and a huge swimming pool?

We'll also try and publish an interview with the show's top bods, who should be able to clarify the theme for this year's show.

It's been said that they're going all-out to encourage alliances, bitching and backstabbing (always favourite with the fans) this year, but also that they're aiming for a 'sexy and summery' atmosphere in respect of the decor.

To us, the two seem at odds, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Stick with BBO for more information over the coming days and weeks.

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