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Big Brother 7 Auditions Are Over

After thirteen rounds, which took place around the country between the 4th of February and the 5th of March 2006, there will be no more open auditions for Big Brother 7.

Obviously, that news will lead to disappointment for some people, particularly those who didn't even attend any auditions and insist on contacting us with comments such as:

  •  They need to audition me right now because I'm fun, wacky, dizzy, mad, beautiful etc.
  •  My girlfriend/ boyfriend will kill me because I forgot to remind her/ him
  •  I missed the audition because I was feeling ill (what, for a whole month? - Ed)
  •  Unfortunately, my Mum's legs fell off just as I was leaving for the audition!
  •  My train was late, so I just went home
  •  I was busy/ couldn't get any time off work
  •  Your website didn't state that the auditions were due to end in early March (yes it did, not only on the pop-up list of dates but latterly on our Home page; the only additional dates added were the Casting Coach ones. You probably pulled the pop-up page down hastily and failed to read it in detail - Ed)
  • Frankly, it doesn't matter how witty or desperate you are, contacting us at this stage won't make any difference, nor will sending us an e-mail saying, 'You'll be sorry that you didn't give me a chance'.

    Fact is, well over 10,000 people managed to make it to the national auditions, so would it be fair to give you a private audition? No, and it's not going to happen anyway, even if you had a really good reason for not turning-up.

    So, what about all those who did make it to the auditions?

    Well, unless you were picked to go into one of the Audition Diary Rooms and give your 1-minute spiel to the camera, that's the end of your Big Brother experience. To clarify, if you didn't fill-in any paperwork, you are definitely out.

    Those who were fortunate enough to make it into an Audition Diary Room would have been judged live by the show's producers. If the top bods were suitably interested, you will have received a call-back to attend another audition, usually (but not always) the following day.

    From then on, you'll just have to wait and see what happens, as it may be some weeks before the producers get back to you. Suffice to say, if you don't hear anything more, you won't be going any further. Obvious really.

    But every year, auditionees always write and ask us how long they should wait before giving-up hope?

    We said in our Audition FAQ's that if successful, you should hear something within around 6 weeks of the call-backs. However, the show's producers insist that you shouldn't give up until the series actually starts.

    However, realistically, what are the chances of them getting desperate for candidates 12 weeks down the line – just a few weeks before the show starts – and suddenly calling you up? Very slim, quite frankly!

    Whatever, please do not write and ask how you got on, or if the production team will be taking things further with you, as we genuinely can't answer such queries, which are duly deleted from our Inbox.

    The only comment that Big Bro is prepared to make at this stage is, "The rest of the audition process is TOP SECRET from now on. If people are waiting to hear from Big Brother, they should keep their fingers crossed that they get the call". other words, "Big Brother will get back to you (or not, as the case may be!)"

    Lastly, in the past, certain shrewd housemates have sent us plenty of unique information, gossip and stories about themselves shortly before going into the house, despite the fact that Endemol/ Channel 4 strongly warn against doing-so.

    However, the source of such correspondence always remains strictly confidential and, combined with putting us in touch with your friends and family, allows us to sustain interest in you as the weeks go by. Don't forget, the BBO site is read by millions of Big Brother fans, more than some tabloid newspapers.

    Also, due to our media contacts, we have, in the past, been able to make a few quid on behalf of a housemate while they're still on the show, depending on the strength of the info they've sent us.

    If it looks like you're set to enter the Big Brother house and are thinking about getting in-touch in this way, we'd ideally need to have a chat with you briefly; forget what Big Brother says, just put your own interests first and get in touch!

    So, Good Luck if you're still in with a chance, but if you're not, don't be too disappointed, just look forward to watching the show this summer.

    Roll on late May!

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