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Celebrity Big Brother 4 - Who's In The House?

Well, no-one is just yet, but with the start of Celebrity Big Brother 4 just hours away now, the question on everyone's lips is: "Who's set to enter the Big Bro house tonight?"

Hmm, shall we tell you or not, BB fans... god, aren't we a tease?

The housemates won't officially be announced until the show starts at 9pm this evening, but if you really MUST know before the action starts, check-out our Discussion Forum after 8.30pm tonight, Thursday the 5th of January, and we'll tell you precisely who the 10 celebs are.

The only thing is, if Channel 4 ask, just say that some bloke in a pub told you!

Actually, we used the word 'celebs' above, but we reckon you'll have no idea who at least two of them are. Hey ho, let's just hope they turn-out to be an interesting bunch, even if some are z-listers.

In the meantime, here's a few cryptic clues to help you the identity the latest batch of soon-to-be housemates:

The British public used to think this bloke was 'alwight!'
This babe looks good in a bikini. Specifically a red bikini.
This Scot is known as a rebel. Blair's biggest fan he is not.
She's known for being 'the bit on the side' of a famous footy fella.
He likes to 'dress' well when he's shooting some hoops.
Busty glamour model. Not Jordan; the other one!
Warning: this bloke's lips might freak you out. Is he Dead or Alive?
She was Dennis Waterman's other 'arf for a while.
Gold. Jewellery. Rappers. Fly larvae. We have NO idea who he is!
This bloke's band aren't ordinary boys. Well they are, actually.

So, six boys and four girls, which leads us to believe that more lay-deez will probably be turning-up at some point during the next few weeks.

Of course, to find out for certain who the Celebrity ten are, you'll have to tune-in to Channel 4 tonight at 9pm, when Davina will launch the series. And don't forget to regularly come back and read our unique stories, which can be found in a dedicated CBB4 section off the Latest News page.

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