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You Ask Us: When Is The BB5 DVD Released?

Lately, we've been receiving an increasing number of e-mails from people enquiring about the Official Big Brother 5 DVD. So, let's set the record straight: there DEFINITELY isn't going to be one.

We appreciate that this will be disappointing and possibly annoying to many fans, especially given the undeniable success of BB5.

Having offered a winning combination of suspense, drama, fun, frolics, romance (read: nookie) and of course, alcohol-fuelled bust-ups, the most recent series was arguably the best yet!

However, reading between the lines, the DVD and video sales for 2003's dire Series 4 were rather poor, thereby scuppering any chance of a release for Series 5 this year.

That's not the only reason though, as BBO got wind that Channel 4 would not allow the highly controversial 'fight night' scenes to be included. What point a Big Brother 5 DVD without all the shenanigans relating to Day 20?

This is such a shame, as the DVD would definitely have sold by the bucketload this year. That said, media regulator Ofcom did rap Channel 4's knuckles over letting the brawl go too far, so it's perhaps understandable.

Not to rub salt into the wounds of those dedicated fans who may not have known, but The Sun newspaper produced a fully licensed BB5 DVD (minus fight scenes) when the series ended. It was given away Free in return for just one token cut from the paper.

However, it transpires that a great number of fans either weren't aware of this offer, or decided to snub that version with the intention of buying the 'proper' DVD upon it's release. Oh dear. Nice one C4, thanks for making things clear!

At this late stage there might be a few of The Sun's DVD's still kicking around, so if you'd like one, please get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do. No promises though.

Next year, providing it's a cracking series again, we thoroughly recommend placing your Official DVD order during the series, so that Channel 4 will be aware of public demand. We'll be sure to detail how you can do this nearer the time.

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