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Nadia Wins, But How Close Was The Voting?

Towards the end of this series, public opinion swung massively; amazingly, Jason not only made it to the 'Final Four', but actually came second to Nadia. Blimey!

But did the girning muscleman really stand any chance of winning the series? Let's take a look at the results of the Official public vote.

In the last week of the game, the public were voting for who they wanted to win. Stuart was surprisingly kicked-out two days before Friday night's Final, leaving Dan, Jason, Nadia and Shell in the running for the £63,500 prize money.

This is when we started our 'Who Do You Want To Win?' Poll, as it wouldn't have been very accurate had it run for the full seven days, mainly due to the aforementioned unpredictability regarding the public voting.

In the final hours of the game, Shell was the first housemate to exit the house, followed by Dan. This left Jay as the runner-up and Nadia as the eventual Winner.

Excluding those registered for Stuart, a total of 6,231,988 votes were received in the last week of the series, which can be broken down into the following percentages:

Shell: 6%
Dan: 11%
Jason: 21%
Nadia: 62%

In our own fun Poll, which ran for just two days and gained thousands of votes, the results were as follows:

Shell: 7%
Dan: 15%
Jason: 23%
Nadia: 55%

Bingo! That's pretty damn accurate, especially given that a hardcore group of fans began voting for Jason last-minute, claiming that he'd provided more entertainment than Nadia. This would have been highlighted more in our Poll, because it wasn't affected so much by votes already placed for Nadia at the beginning of the week.

Well, the big man certainly caused plenty of friction during his 10-week stay in the house and his alliance with Vic 'The Slick' provided us all with some compelling viewing.

However, the above figures speak for themselves: our Jase' was NOWHERE compared to Big Brother 5 Winner Nadia Almada, gaining just one third of the votes received by the Portuguese banker.

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