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Name: Vanessa Layton-McIntosh
Age: 19
Lives: London
Occupation: Business Studies Student
Status: Single
Why do you think your fellow housemates will nominate you?:

“For being too loud and annoying, for acting childish and spoilt when I don’t get my own way and for pulling a guy that they fancy…or a girl!”

Other Info: Vanessa is a total sugar addict and self confessed “cookie monster” and has admitted she can’t go a single day without chocolate or sweets. So addicted to chocolate, she says she would love to meet Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, “so I can lick his candy walls, swim in the chocolate river and eat cookies all day.” She admits to being bisexual, preferring men to women and claims to be able to turn any gay man straight and describes herself as “spontaneous, spoilt and selfish.” Last summer she worked as a table dancer in Greece and she says she “hates Goths because they scare the shit out of her.”

Current Game Status/ Position: Vanessa came 10th (out of 16), lasting fifty days from Day 1 until Day 50.

Number Of Times Faced Eviction: Twice

Was evicted at the 7th Eviction on Friday the 15th of July (Day 50), when up against Makosi. Derek, Eugene, Orlaith and Science were also facing eviction and all six only found-out 30 mins before, due to a twist - see here and here. Ultimately, however, it was between Makosi and Vanessa and the seven other housemates chose Vanessa to go with a majority of six votes. Previously, Vanessa had survived possible eviction at the 2nd Eviction on Friday the 10th June (Day 15) when up against, Ant, Craig, Derek, Kemal, Les, Makosi, Max, Rob, Saskia, Sam and Science. She was up for eviction due to this. Prior to this, Vanessa had not faced eviction.

Nomination History:

1st  (Day 5) - Vanessa was nominated at the 1st Nominations by Maxwell, Roberto and Sam. Related article here.
2nd  (Day 11) - At the second round of Nominations, Vanessa was nominated by Anthony and Roberto.
3rd  (Day 18) - At the third round of Nominations, Vanessa received no nominations. Not everyone could vote, see here.
4th  (Day 25) - Vanessa was nominated at the 4th Nominations by Anthony and Roberto
5th  (Day 32) - She received no nominations at the 5th round. Not everyone could vote, see here.
6th  (Day 39) - Vanessa wasn't nominated at the 6th Nominations by anyone.
7th  (Day 46) - At the 7th round of Nominations Vanessa received no nominations, but the actual nominations didn't count anyway due to BB's twist - hardly anyone nominated. See here.
8th  (Day 53) - Vanessa had been evicted by the eighth round of Nominations.

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