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Name: Orlaith McAllister
Age: 26
Lives: Belfast
Occupation: Model
Status: Single
Why do you think your fellow housemates will nominate you?:

“Because I may be a threat to them, I may say something nasty to them and because of jealousy.”

Other Info: No stranger to cameras, part-time model, Orlaith came second in the Miss Northern Ireland competition in 1999 and is currently ‘Belfast’s Model Of The Year’. She loves exercising and is a keen boxer but hates spiders and vain, self-obsessed people. Orlaith has had breast implants, admits Marilyn Monroe is her idol and claims she doesn’t put on weight, regardless of how hard she tries. Living with six other family members has given her a good grounding to prepare her for life in the Big Brother house but she admits she loves being alone.

Current Game Status/ Position: Orlaith dramatically quit the show on Day 65, the day after she beat Kemal at an eviction - see here. She came 7th (out of 16), lasting thirty-four days in the game proper, from Day 32 until Day 65.

NB. Orlaith didn't enter the Secret Garden until Day 29, then subsequently entered the House and the game proper on Day 32, along with Eugene. Kinga was rejected, but came back on Day 66 because Orlaith had quit the day before.

Number Of Times Faced Eviction: Three

Orlaith survived possible eviction at the 9th Eviction on Friday the 29th of July (Day 64), when up against Kemal. It was the second closest result in the public vote this series - she survived with 48.5%. She had also survived possible eviction the week before at the 8th Eviction on Friday the 22nd of July 2005 (Day 57), when up against Science. It was the closest result ever in the public vote, with her receiving 49.5%. Previously, Orlaith had survived possible eviction at the 7th Eviction when up against Derek, Eugene, Makosi, Science and Vanessa - all six only found-out they were facing eviction 30 mins before, due to a twist - see here and here. Ultimately, however, it was between Makosi and Vanessa.

Nomination History:

1st - 5th  Orlaith either wasn't in the House yet or wasn't eligible to participate in these nominations.
6th  (Day 39) - Orlaith was nominated at the 6th Nominations by Makosi only.
7th  (Day 46) - At the 7th round of Nominations Orlaith received no nominations, but the actual nominations didn't count anyway due to BB's twist - hardly anyone nominated. See here.
8th  (Day 53) - Orlaith was nominated at the 8th Nominations by Anthony, Derek, Eugene and Kemal.

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