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Name: Kinga Karolczak
Age: 20
Lives: London
Occupation: Market Researcher
Status: Single
Why do you think your fellow housemates will nominate you?:

“Because I’m loud, a huge exhibitionist and I’d flirt with everyone and snog them.”

Other Info: Self-confessed exhibitionist, Kinga, claims to love making people laugh and being the centre of attention but also admits to being a “two faced bitch.” She could happily live without false bitchy girls and bossy people. Half Polish, half Kuwaiti, Kinga once worked in a bar…and fell flat on her face while serving customers. She is afraid of rats and snakes, believes in ghosts and her claim to fame is that she has met Jennifer Lopez.

Current Game Status/ Position: Kinga came 4th (out of 16), the first one of the 'Final Four' to leave on Finale night. She lasted thirteen days from Day 66 until Day 78.

The 16th housemate, Kinga didn't make it to the game originally, having been kept in the 'Secret Garden' room from Day 29 to Day 32 when she was rejected by Makosi. Kinga wasn't evicted as such, just sent home. She was not considered a proper housemate, so never stood a chance of winning. Fellow Garden-dwellers Eugene and Orlaith successfully left the Secret Garden to join the other (nine) contestants on the day Kinga left. However, Kinga returned to the House and game on Day 66, the day after Orlaith quit the show. She was eligible to win, despite the fact that she would spend a maximum of 2 weeks in the House.

Number Of Times Faced Eviction: None, however everyone from the original group was put up by BB in the early stages. So, the fact that Kinga has none and everyone else has at least one counts for nothing.

Kinga was evicted at the 12th Eviction on Finale night, Friday the 12th of August 2005 (Day 78), when up against Anthony, Eugene and Makosi - the public were voting for a Winner at the time. Evidently, she received the least amount of support from the public in the public vote.

Nomination History:

Kinga will nominate for the first time at the 10th Nominations. Originally, Kinga didn't last long enough to nominate, although the 6th Nominations would have been her first opportunity had she graduated from the Secret Garden to become a fully-fledged housemate.

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