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Name: Eugene Sully
Age: 27
Lives: Crawley
Occupation: Engineer
Status: Single
Why do you think your fellow housemates will nominate you?:

“Because I am irritating, I am a snob and I am boring.”

Other Info: Ambidextrous Eugene loves electronics and anything technical but has a phobia of water tanks. More than anyone, he would love to meet Terry Wogan and with his love of radio, he is a keen member of a local radio club. In his spare time, Eugene enjoys throwing TVs and other appliances off cliffs to record the sound they make. He is a virgin and an Atheist. One of his pet hates is when people curse technical equipment; and he is currently learning to fly.

Current Game Status/ Position: The Runner-up, Eugene came 2nd (out of 16), the third of the 'Final Four' to leave on Finale night. He lasted forty-seven days from Day 32 until Day 78. NB. Eugene didn't enter the Secret Garden until Day 29, then entered the House and game proper on Day 32, along with Orlaith. Kinga was rejected, but came back on Day 66 because Orlaith had quit the day before.

Number Of Times Faced Eviction: Three

Eugene was evicted at the 14th Eviction on Finale night, Friday the 12th of August 2005 (Day 78), when up against Anthony - the public were voting for a Winner at the time. Evidently, he received less support in the public vote than Anthony, but had beaten the other finalists Kinga and Makosi. Survived possible eviction at the 11th Eviction on Wednesday the 10th of August 2005 (Day 76), when up against Anthony, Craig, Kinga and Makosi - the public were voting for a winner at the time and it was Craig who'd received the least support from the public. Previously, Eugene had survived at the 10th Eviction on Friday the 5th of August 2005 (Day 71), when up against Derek. Eugene received 42% in the public vote that evicted Del. Previously, he had survived at the 7th Eviction on Friday the 15th of July (Day 50) when up against Derek, Makosi, Orlaith, Science and Vanessa - all six only found-out they were facing eviction 30 mins before, due to a twist - see here and here. Ultimately, however, it was between Makosi and Vanessa.

Nomination History:

1st - 5th  Eugene either wasn't in the House yet or wasn't eligible to participate in these nominations.
6th  (Day 39) - Eugene was nominated at the 6th Nominations by Orlaith and Vanessa.
7th  (Day 46) - At the 7th round of Nominations Eugene received nominations from Craig only, but the actual nominations didn't count anyway due to BB's twist - hardly anyone nominated. See here.
8th  (Day 53) - Eugene received no nominations at the 8th Nominations.

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