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Sam Is Now The Favourite To Win

Bookmakers Have Made Sam Pepper The Favourite To Win - Get A Free £20 Bet In Our Betting Zone Section

Amazing! Sam Pepper, who entered the House less than two weeks ago as the twenty-first contestant, has become the bookies' favourite to win the show.

Early last week you could have got odds of 22/1 on the young graffiti artist (you stake £10 to make £220 profit), but his odds started dropping as more and more people backed him, hitting 12/1 by the end of the week, and tumbling more recently to today's 6/4 (you stake £10 to make £15 profit).

This makes him the favourite to win Big Brother 11, which is almost unbelievable given that the 21-year-old was touted as being one of the most annoying housemates ever before he entered the House as a latecomer when Laura quit.

Of course, this doesn't actually mean he's going to win, but it shows that a lot of people think he's going to win, and implies that he has a lot of support.

Many fans think it would be unfair if Sam, who came-in to shake things up using his knowledge of the outside world, was to win the series and scoop the £100k prize money, suggesting that he has only been successful because of that knowledge.

In other words, had he joined the group at the beginning of the series, or even half-way through like Andrew, Jo or Joe John did, he wouldn't have been such a hit, and would probably have annoyed fans with his gawky manner, immature ways and annoying voice by now.

Angry fans suggest that Sam's late entry gave him a huge advantage, and feel it's wrong that someone who spends just a few weeks in the game could win it, which goes against the whole point of the show.

Admittedly, they have a point, because the show was originally a social experiment to find-out how a disparate group of people get on with each other when confined to a relatively small space for a long period of time; up to 13 weeks in the case of Big Brother UK.

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Whatever, if you think that Sam could go all the way and won't run out-of steam any time soon, and you'd like to back him with a little bet, click here now to find links to the Paddy Power website.

Just in case you think someone else is more likely to win, the odds for everyone else are currently: Corin 9/4, Josie 3/1, John James 8/1, Steve 16/1, Andrew 25/1, Dave 28/1, Mario 33/1, Joe John 50/1, Jo 100/1.

A £10 bet on each of those would win you a possible £23, £30, £80, £160, £250, £280, £330, £500 or £1000 respectively. Plus, new Paddy customers will get a Free £20 Bet straight away, which can be staked on the same person you backed with your first bet, or placed on another potential winner.

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