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Is Corin Fake?

Is Corin Forshaw A Fake Person And A Gameplayer?

We know this is a bit controversial because essentially she's a popular housemate, but some fans think that there's a hint of 'gameplayer' about Corin.

Actually, we say that she's popular, but she hasn't always been, with her popularity having taken a nosedive after her argument with John James several weeks ago. However, Corin seems to have made something of a comeback more recently, arguably having inherited support from Ben's fans when he got evicted last week.

Anyway, she hasn't really done much this series, but fans have been discussing the Stockport retailer on internet forums lately. Indeed, plenty of people feel that she has been contriving to put across an innocent and naïve front, and have noted that when she snaps or gets riled, she reveals her real self, which is nasty and bitchy.

She has blown-up a couple of times so far, and when she had that barny with John James, some fans said that her comments and profanity in the Diary Room belied her usual 'nicey' image. The same thing happened more recently with Sam, and it was seen by fans as her letting her true colours shine through/ the usual act slip.

Other fans have noted that the 29-year-old's character seems to change as soon as she enters the Diary Room, compared to how she acts with her peers. The suggestion is that Corin adopts more of a 'dizzy' persona because she knows she's being recorded and is more likely to be make the highlights show.

She has been accused of talking faster, using over-the-top facial expressions and deliberately mixing her words and pretending that she can't count etc. (aka doing a Jade Goody), which some fans find hard to swallow, mainly because she is able to communicate with her peers perfectly well normally.

Unlike any of the twenty other Big Brother 11 contestants, Corin also seems to have a number of catchphrases, including 'I'm lovin it' and 'I'm buzzin'. These are somewhat reminiscent of Big Brother 7 winner Pete Bennett, who spouted an arguably contrived 'Eeezamana' all the time, among other catchphrases.

Her defenders suggest that Corin only says these things when she's excited, but it's the repetition that arouses suspicion. For instance, she will say: 'I'm buzzin'. Are you buzzin'? I'm buzzin' me', seemingly attempting to repeat the phrase as many times as possible. It's hard to imagine that in real life she acts that way when at home etc.

Then there's the suggestion that she deliberately pursued latecomer JJ because she thinks that a BB relationship will i. keep her in the game and ii. probably make her loads of money from magazine deals whether she wins the show or not. Indeed, the latter has already been discussed among the contestant group.

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Lastly, she appears to be a caring person, however some fans believe that Corin has all the compassion of a typical hairdresser. Indeed, it has been suggested that although she says the right things, she consoles with no meaning and then immediately goes into talking about something totally inane.

Some say the fact that she continued with the skateboard ramp task and was dismissive of Keeley's broken ankle (the only housemate not to make a fuss of the injured latecomer) arguably showed her uncaring and competitive side.

One thing's for sure, the last two winners of Big Brother have been girls that were nice, mild-mannered, flew under the radar/ acted a bit dim, and were visually appealing, so it wouldn't surprise us if Corin – who like last year's winner has fake boobs – has contrived to try and win herself £100k.

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