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Friday Night Twist: Housemates Told About BB All-Stars

Friday's Twist: Housemates Told About Ultimate Big Brother And Asked To Choose Who They Want To Compete

Fans have been anticipating some kind of twist this week, with many speculating that there might be a double eviction on Friday. That's not the case, but Big Brother Online can now confirm that there is a twist on Friday night.

Basically, after the 8th Eviction has taken place, the remaining nine housemates will be told about the upcoming Ultimate Big Brother series, aka BB All-stars.

They will learn that it begins as soon as Big Brother 11 ends, and will be given 1 minute to make a joint decision as-to who they would like to put forward to compete in that series. As we understand it, whoever they choose will gain some kind of immunity next week, meaning they'll definitely have a place in the BB11 Final (but not a guaranteed place on BB All-stars).

The thing is, the group might pick Steve, for obvious 'PC' reasons and to make themselves look good. If they do, a large number of fans will be mightily peeved, because frankly Steve hasn't done much and has very little chance of winning according to opinion Polls. Indeed, we reckon that he has no more than 5% of viewer support at this late stage in the game, and that's being generous.

Therefore, the ex-army man could take a place in the Final away from the most likely contenders for the prize, who at the time of writing are Corin, John James, Josie and Sam.

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It's not clear whether there'll be multiple evictions next week or not, but our mole has hinted that there could be a big cull next Friday, the 20th of August 2010, perhaps leaving just four people in the game in the final week (well, for the last 4 days).

On the face of it, after 10 weeks of Save & Replace, which has stopped fans getting rid of the person they wanted out on a number of occasions (including Steve), the above looks like a rubbish twist.

However, details are slightly sketchy at the time of writing, and Big Brother reserves the right to change things so it might pan out okay, especially if one of the big four contestants mentioned above is put forward by the group. Or, if the Top Bods have the sense to make it five people in the Final not four, which will allow one of the no-hopers to be chosen tomorrow night without bothering fans.

If we get any more info, we'll let you know.

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