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Josie Seethes All Day Over Sam

Josie Doesn't Like Sam Pepper. Fact!

Josie has spent pretty-much the entire day seething over Sam's suggestion that she is only close to John James in-order to get magazine deals and hog the limelight.

Sam made a peace offering to Josie this morning by making her some pancakes, but the 25-year-old blonde was still bitter with him following their spat yesterday.

Indeed, she went into a big rant while talking to John James this afternoon, saying that Sam accused her of being fake and had questioned her relationship with the Australian during a chat in the wicker snug.

In response, John (backed-up by JJ) tried to stick up for the skinny graffiti artist, saying that there was a difference between him accusing her of being a game-player and asking if her relationship was real or not.

But Josie wasn't having any of it, and nor was Dave, the pair laying-into the mop-headed newcomer and Josie eventually telling John: "Don't even try to defend him to me, because I've made up my mind about the little runt".

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Later-on Sam and Josie had words, and the former noted that he hadn't actually called her a 'fake', but she just said in response that he might as well have, before vowing to ignore him from now on.

She also told the 21-year-old that she doesn't like him, and turned the tables by effectively accusing him of sucking-up to her today and playing-up to the cameras himself.

Josie was still moaning about the newest member of the group in the evening.

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