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John Unsure Why He Keeps Being Nominated

John James Doesn't Know Why His Peers Keep Nominating Him

Sat in the task room wearing a dress alongside his fellow 'Miss Havisham' Rachel, John talked about the fact that he keeps being nominated by his peers this afternoon.

The 24-year-old asked fellow nominee Rachel why she's convinced that she'll be going on Friday, and the cheeky Scouser said: "Just because I'm very annoying and that".

Rachel then noted that John has been 'up' a few times; indeed, this is the second week in a row that the Aussie hunk has faced eviction, and the third time in total.

John noted that he seems to be unpopular within the group, but Rachel suggested that he will likely be popular on the outside.

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He then said of himself: "Most of the time I feel as though I spend in the bedroom, so I'm not sure why I go up every week," before speculating that his peers must be choosing him because he's the least-connected to them.

The former car body worker added that he doesn't mind facing eviction and doesn't hold any grudges because it's just part of the game to nominate.

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