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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Who'll Leave The Big Brother House Tonight? YOU Decide!

Last week's eviction was cancelled as a result of latecomer Keeley injuring herself, but there have been no such setbacks this week, so the 6th Eviction should take place tonight as planned.

It's between Andrew, Ben, Dave and John James, but our '6th Eviction' Poll – which has been running since the contenders were confirmed on Tuesday – indicates that most fans want Ben out at the moment, with the toff holding 36%. However, Dave is close behind him on 31%.

So, seeing as Andrew and John James are on 19% and 14% respectively, it looks like it's between Ben and Dave. However, we're reluctant to go on record to say which one will likely get the boot.

On the face of it, given that Ben is top of the aforementioned Poll, and he was also ahead of Dave in the forerunning Poll asking who fans wanted out next in advance of Monday's nominations, it seems likely that the posh broadcaster will go.

Some fans have enjoyed the 30-year-old's wit, brutal honesty and defiant behaviour over the weeks, but lately he has become less animated, eccentric and humorous, and more bitchy.

Dave has his faults too though, namely that he doesn't appear to be the most loyal or discrete person. Also, some fans believe the religious man is manipulative and is playing his peers like well-tuned piano.

Check-out the exaggerated BB11 Launch-night-style laughter in his 'Outbreak at Morning Star' video on YouTube. Okay, Bennie Boy is quirky, but Dave comes across as downright weird in that vid, and he definitely seems to have toned things down in the Big Brother House in recent weeks. His detractors sight this as evidence of his game-playing.

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Even if Ben's popularity has waned recently, he undoubtedly has a lot more fans than Dave does, so it may be that Dave goes tonight by a small margin. Therefore, fans should probably expect Ben to go (especially seeing as John's army of fans are threatening to lay the metaphorical boot in and vote him out), but be open to the possibility that Dave might be walking through the famous double doors tonight, as vague a prediction as that is.

Of course, who goes is entirely down to the fans, and depends whether they pick-up the phone to vote or not. Polls mean nothing if people aren't bothered enough about the contenders to participate in the public vote. If you feel strongly about getting rid of one of the four contenders for eviction, please get involved.

On that note, you can find the voting telephone numbers for tonight's eviction in our Nominations section.

Who goes tonight? YOU decide!

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