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'Ignore The Obvious' Task: Day 1 Recap

Big Brother 11

Anyone watching the live feed for the rest of the week might be excused for wondering what the hell is going on, because a load of random strangers are set to appear in the Big Brother House each day.

However, they aren't actually intruders, they're part of the latest shopping budget task, where the housemates must completely ignore whoever comes in, whatever they say or do. Here's who came-in on Day 1 of the task:

First there was a male stripper disguised as a postman, who yanked-off his clothes to the sound of 'Leave Your Hat On' as heard in the Brit comedy The Full Monty. We've also seen a 32-piece brass band marching through the House, with Andrew attempting to divert attention with some traditional British small talk about the weather.

Next, Ben's old mucker David acted as a toilet attendant, then two people dressed in gorilla suits arrived and started monkeying around in the garden.

Mario's Grandfather made an appearance in the Diary Room dressed as Santa, but the 28-year-old couldn't react at the time due to the task. He was also unable to explain why he was crying in the bedroom afterwards, having been overcome with emotion.

Big Brother voiceover man Marcus Bentley also appeared in the House and gave a live commentary in front of the group, which made some of them laugh, arguably incurring a fail.

This evening, Big Brother decided to re-do Corin's make-up by smashing her in the fizzog with a load of cream pies as she sat in the Diary Room chair. "I'm just trying-out a new foundation," she told her peers afterwards, making light of the fact that she looked like a circus clown after a custard pie fight!

An estate agent also showed a couple around Elstree's most famous House, and approaching 2am a load of zombies dressed like those in Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' vid burst through the wardrobe doors and started hassling the housemates in the bedroom.

"I'm so bored with all this nothing going on," joked Rachel afterwards. Indeed, the housemates have spent the evening making comments such as: "When nothing happened earlier..." and reflecting on the, er, non-events of the day.

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If they react to any of the intruders by pointing, laughing, gasping, gawping, flinching, smirking or running away, they will incur a fail. Big Brother has not said how many fails are allowed though. If they manage to pass the task, they'll be rewarded with a bumper shopping budget and messages from home.

The task will end on Friday night, culminating with the arrival of nauseating X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes (aka Jedward) who will perform their latest song.

Oh well, ignoring that pair of silly-haired, incomprehensible teenagers should be a cinch!

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