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Ben And John Fans, Call A Truce Tonight!

It's been a hectic few days on internet forums since the nominees were confirmed on Tuesday afternoon, with Ben and John James fans going at each other hammer-and-tongs.

Both guys are facing eviction this week along with Andrew and Dave, and it's fair to say that their fans are completely opposed to each other, even though the pair swore they would be friends just a couple of weeks ago.

All the friction came about when John James' fans threatened to vote Ben out this week, but even Ben's own fans can't seem to agree who best to pick-on in-order to save their favourite.

Indeed, some (let's call them) Bennites have suggested that they're going to vote for Andrew or John James at the 6th Eviction because they don't like them, but others have gone to great lengths to re-iterate that these would be wasted votes.

What they mean is that Andrew and particularly John James are unlikely to go tonight, so votes for them will just compound the trouble that Ben is in, given that the 30-year-old is top of our 'Who do you want out next?' Poll.

That said, David is just behind Ben in the same Poll, so there's been a call (admittedly from panicking Ben fans) for Ben and John James fans to join forces this week and vote the Welsh nominee out.

However, some Bennites have opposed that idea in the deluded belief that Dave is Ben's genuine friend, worried that the bouffant-haired one will flounder over the coming weeks without Dave's support. However, unless they get Dave out tonight, Ben will almost certainly go, so the pair's apparent friendship will mean nothing anyway.

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Other fans have suggested that if Dave survives tonight but Ben goes, a manipulative Dave will pick on John James next. And if he can't get the hunk out, he'll try and nobble Josie at a future Save & Replace task. It must be noted that even as recently as last night, John James hinted that if Josie isn't there, he might walk.

So, if they accept that Dave has his own agenda and is definitely in it to win it (not that he stands a chance), John fans could be jeopardising his future too if they allow the 39-year-old preacher to survive tonight.

Let's make it clear, if Ben and John James' fans agree to club together tonight and actually pick-up the phone and vote Dave out, there is no way the Christian Minister can survive, such is the size of that combined group.

To clarify, combined, the pair's fanbase outweighs the number of detractors they have between them, and massively outweighs Dave and Andrew's combined fanbase.

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