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Caoimhe Has Quit, Eviction Will Go Ahead Regardless

Caoimhe Guilfoyle Has Quit The Show After 42 Days - Big Brother 11

After threatening to go on several occasions, Caoimhe Guilfoyle has finally quit the show and left via by the back door this afternoon.

The penalised 22-year-old student became a nominee for the third time in a row yesterday, but may well have saved herself from facing possible eviction in this afternoon's Save & Replace task.

However, if she hadn't have managed to win the S&R task (and let's face it, she probably wasn't going to try hard), she would almost certainly have become the sixth evictee of the series on Friday night, such was the fans' disdain for her.

In the build-up to leaving, Caoimhe reflected on her old friendship with fellow quitter Shabby, and was also concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend. The quiff-haired Dubliner said of the possibility of staying: "It's not worth it. I don't need this to make my life; I don't want it as much as some people want it".

Caoimhe visited the Diary Room to chat to Big Brother, and when she subsequently discussed the matter with Dave and Steve, the former told her: "You've got to do what you've got to do".

So, shortly after 1pm she left the Big Brother House for good, saying goodbye to her peers and receiving a round of applause before she went. John James seemed particularly cut-up about Caoimhe's departure, retreating to the snug for a blub.

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The Australian later told Josie that he was upset about the thought of someone struggling to cope so much that they couldn't handle staying, suggesting that it wasn't because he was especially close to the Irish quitter... a touchy subject as far as Josie is concerned!

The second person to quit the game so far this series, Caoimhe lasted 42 days and leaves ten housemates battling it out for the £100,000 prize money; seven originals and three latecomers. Somewhat surprisingly, given that she was such a hate figure, at the time of her leaving Caoimhe was the 5th-Favourite housemate as far as fans were concerned.

However, the top three housemates had such a lead in the 'favourite housemate' Polls that it probably meant very little in terms of Caoimhe's chances of winning, especially given that she was top in the 'least favourite housemate' Polls by quite some margin.

Even though there were only two nominees this week and Caoimhe was one of them, Friday's eviction will go ahead regardless. More info here.

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