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Caoimhe Appears On 'BBLB'

Big Brother Quitter Caoimhe Guilfoyle (Keeva) Has Appeared On Big Brother's Little Brother

A matter of hours after quitting the game, Caoimhe Guilfoyle has appeared on the 'Big Brother's Little Brother' fanzine show.

When co-host Emma Willis pointed-out that a lot of fans applied to be on the last-ever series of the show and it was their dream to take part, Caoimhe said: "Yeah, I feel like I've let them down in a way, but I just wasn't happy any more so I just had to remove myself from that situation".

Fellow host George Lamb then noted that she threatened to quit no less than five times, and asked the 22-year-old why she didn't go when Shabby left, seeing as the pair had a pact. Caoimhe replied: "I wanted to prove that I could be myself without Shabby in a way, and to get to know the other people".

When John James was mentioned – someone that Caoimhe frolicked-with last Friday night and annoyed John-admirer Josie in the process – the Irish student made it clear that she wasn't attracted to the Australian hunk, adding: "He's not my type". However, she also got a dig in at Josie, albeit a truthful one, by suggesting that it was very one-sided thing between the blonde sales rep and JJ.

About fellow quitter Shabby, who left in Week 4 but regretted it the very next day, Caoimhe admitted that she was relieved to be free of the situation because Shabs was falling in love with her, but said she was devastated when Shabby went.

Emma asked if she had any feelings for the gay squatter, and Caoimhe replied: "Um, I felt a weird connection, but looking back, no I didn't fancy her". The Dubliner then stated that she'd never had such a close friendship with a girl before.

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And when asked if she will regret quitting, Caoimhe thought it unlikely but said that even if she does, it's not the end of the world. "I feel really relieved to be out of here," she added, justifying her decision.

Finally, Caoimhe's boyfriend Dave appeared on the show via the phone, and was dismissive about Caoimhe's marriage proposal, going as far as to suggest that he's heard it all before. Caoimhe was then reunited with Shabby Katchadourian, and the pair appeared to be very affectionate, complimentary and flirty with each other, particularly Shabs.

Despite Caoimhe's recent talk about wanting to be reunited with her boyfriend, you definitely got the feeling there's more to come with this story in respect of a possible relationship with Shabby.

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