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To recap what's happened so far during Big Brother 11, first Rachael got evicted, then Govan, Sunshine next, and finally Nathan last Friday, with Shabby having quit a few days before Nath's eviction.

Tonight, the fifth eviction of the series will take place and it's between Corin, Ife and Mario.

Let's not beat around the bush, while he's not exactly a strong contender to win at this stage, fans are starting to like Mario a little more, so he'll be safe tonight. Corin, however, has definitely fallen in popularity over the past week-or-two, notably since she had a barnie with John James.

She's harmless, even if her voice can be a bit much, but Corin started sliding down the popularity Polls when her peers started bitching about her. Even so, she should be safe tonight.

So that leaves Ife, who's currently on 54% in our Fifth Eviction Poll, ahead of Corin on 31% and Mario on 15%.

The professional dancer was quiet for ages at the start of the series, and didn't show the liveliness she promised on Launch night. What she did do, was get pally with bad apples Caoimhe and Shabby, forming the 'Raggy Dolls Trio'. However, since Ife fell out with them when they dubbed her dancing cringeworthy, she has lost popularity.

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That's a bit inexplicable to be frank, because she should have become more popular for having ditched the bitchy/ nasty duo and started mixing with the group more. However, some fans saw her subsequent behaviour as game-playing, because it's hard to genuinely be friends with everyone.

Whatever, fans appear to have had enough of the 25-year-old's waffle, and will probably end her game tonight. We say 'probably' because there's a slight chance that Corin could go, but only if all of Ife's detractors fail to pick-up the phone and vote.

We've already seen that happen this series, where the Polls got it wrong in Week 1 because fans failed to put their money where their mouth is and evict Shabby, and Racheal got the boot instead. And in Week 3, the Polls said that Caoimhe would go, but 3rd Evictee Sunshine suffered bad edits on the Thursday and Friday night highlights shows, which sealed her fate.

It's probably too late to bet on the eviction unless you fancy taking a punt on Corin at 5/1 (£5 profit for every £1 staked, plus your stake back if you win), but why not consider having a little flutter on the Outright Winner instead? To see the latest odds and find-out how to get yourself a FREE £20 Bet, click here.

You can find the voting telephone numbers for tonight's eviction in our Nominations section.

Who goes tonight? YOU decide!

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