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Ben: Too Posh To Wash?

Big Brother Ben Duncan

Dave made a throwaway comment about Ben's hygiene the other day, but the Christian preacher went a bit further tonight by moaning that his posh peer pongs a bit too much.

Chatting to John and Steve in the lounge, Dave joked that J would turn into Ben if he didn't wash his clothes enough. This prompted Steve to say: "I've not seen Ben in the shower yet," however, John thought the ex-army man was talking about him, and got all defensive.

John re-iterated that he takes a shower every morning, but after clarifying that they were actually referring to Ben's lack of bathroom visits, Dave said of his supposed pal: "Dude, the boy smells".

Of course, if that's the case, it isn't very Christian of him to go blabbing about it to everyone, rather than telling Ben privately that he needs to hit the shower more often.

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Also, Dave's comment seems at odds with the amount of hugs he gives the blonde toff, which arguably makes Dave a bit of a hypocrite or a game-player if he really thinks that Ben smells.

Defending him, John James said that Ben – who still doesn't have his suitcase full of clothes – says that he washes at nighttime rather than in the mornings, but if there's a problem with him soap-dodging, it's likely to do with the fact that Big Brother is selective about when it provides the group with hot water.

Either that, or Benny boy just doesn't want to mess-up his bouffant hair-do!

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