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Ben Tells Big Brother To Be Quiet

Big Brother Ben Duncan

We know this much, Benny Boy likes his beauty sleep. So much so, that he's had words with Big Bro about the fact that the production team have been depriving him of it with their inconsiderate behaviour at bedtime. Go Ben!

The 30-year-old told his peers today that during the night he visited the Diary Room to ask for some paracetamol, but told Big Brother that the continual banging from the camera runs during the night is not on.

In response to his admission, John joked: "I bet they're gonna' set like an earthquake now; they'll rumble the whole house every night!"

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Ben then said that although he's having a lovely time in the House, the sleep deprivation will make him haggard, tired and lazy if it continues. He even went as far as to say that he wouldn't want to stay in the game if it's going to make him ill.

Let's just back-track a bit there, how can Benny, who doesn't put enough effort in already according to some of his peers, get any more lazy?!

In a way, you've got to admire the broadcaster's audacity and cheek in telling BB to shut-up. Actually, in our recent Poll about his behaviour, 58% of voters loved the idea that Ben is his own man and is prepared to stand-out from the group.

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