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We're Still Confused About Dave's Views On Homosexuality

Dave Vaughan

There have been several discussions amongst the group over the past few weeks on the subject of Dave's views on homosexuality, but even after the latest one we're still confused.

Previously, he passed comment on gay marriages, but fans and housemates weren't sure if he actually condemned the concept, or just couldn't support it due to his religion.

Today, Caoimhe tried to pin the born-again Christian down on his views, but it just riled him into getting defensive.

Josie started things off by questioning that if God truly loves everyone, shouldn't people be able to go with whoever they want. However, Dave just said in response: "I'm not even gonna' answer that... I've come in here to demonstrate the love of God; it doesn't matter who they are".

When Caoimhe brought-up the Pope's recent comment about same-sex marriages and abortion being the two most insidious and dangerous things facing the world today, Dave stated that the Pope isn't his leader, Jesus Christ is.

John James then quizzed Dave, asking the 39-year-old former wild man if he's just being careful with giving his opinion because he's in the Big Brother House. In response Dave said, somewhat vaguely: "My opinion is this: that God is love," before criticising Caoimhe for being angry towards him and his views.

But hang on Dave, you still haven't made your views clear mate.

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As the conversation became ever more heated, Dave clarified that he wouldn't marry two men, but then claimed that he's close to the people in the House who've admitted committing homosexual acts, referring to gay peer Mario and bisexual Corin.

"I think it's fair to say, that obviously being a born again Christian and reading the scripture, I would believe that homosexuality is wrong. That's obvious," he snapped when Caoimhe kept on pushing.

The thing is, seeing as the Bible says that man shall not lie with man (or whatever), isn't it a bit hypocritical for Dave to be so friendly towards Mario, and to literally lay and cuddle/ play with the hair of Ben and Mario all the time?

Dave will doubtless excuse his behaviour by saying that he loves everyone, but the more sceptical fans will say he's just playing the game and trying to appear non-judgemental in a bid to stay-in for longer.

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