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Shabby Appears On 'BBLB', Backs Ben To Win

Shabby Katchadourian Appears On Big Brother's Little Brother And Backs Ben Duncan To Win

Just a few hours after quitting the show, former Big Brother 11 housemate Shabby Katchadourian appeared on 'Big Brother's Little Brother' to talk about her experience.

When asked why she felt the need to walk, Shabby said that there were multiple reasons, adding that some of her peers were getting on her nerves and that she thought Caoimhe would be better-off without her.

The 24-year-old squatter was then asked if she'll regret her decision to go, and Shabby admitted that she might, but stated that her time was up. However, BBLB co-presenter Emma Willis pointed-out that her time wasn't up i.e. fans evidently hadn't had enough of her yet, seeing as she'd just survived possible eviction.

Shabby admitted that her friendship with Caoimhe was the hardest part of her BB experience, and when shown a VT of her relationship with the straight housemate, said 'she's lovely' and then exclaimed: "I can't believe she didn't fancy me!"

The Londoner then recalled the time Caoimhe said she fancied her, but was respectful of the fact that the Irish beauty loves her boyfriend. On the latter point we're a bit confused, because to quote from Caoimhe's profile: 'Caoimhe is currently seeing someone… but says it's going nowhere' and also: 'Caoimhe admits she could fancy a girl'.

Giving her opinion of how she was perceived by the group, Shabby said: "I hope they realise that for all of my bad qualities (I'm not) a malicious person, and I don't think I was a cruel person... I just can't stop kicking off!"

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On the subject of who might win BB11, Shabby named Steve as the one who should win, because it will mean more to him than any of the others. Her comment received no response from the studio audience though, which backs-up our feelings about the ex-army man's chances of going all the way.

About who she would like to win, Shabs said: "This is gonna' sound really weird, but I'd quite like Ben to win. I know that sounds really weird because we haven't got on and stuff, but nobody like Ben has won Big Brother". Her comment received huge cheers from the approving studio audience.

Shabby wished that she'd got to know Ben earlier in the series, noting that he's unique and, like her, is his own person.

Lastly, just before being reunited with her hat, Shabby claimed that she didn't say goodbye to Caoimhe because she didn't want to sway her into leaving too. "If she wants to leave, it has to be her own thing," concluded the Black Beauty actress.

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