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Nominees For The 4th Eviction Confirmed

John James Deliberately Did Badly In The Task, To Help Caoimhe Out

Despite the fact that Shabby quit the show yesterday, the Fourth Round of nominations eventually went ahead, and as a result there were just two nominees for the first time this series: Caoimhe and John James.

However, there was another Save & Replace task today – the 'Stay On TV' challenge – where the pair had to see which one could stay on top of a moving mechanical TV set the longest.

Caoimhe managed to stay on the bucking bronco type apparatus for 22 seconds, but John James managed just 19 seconds, therefore losing to his Irish opponent.

Mario later asked JJ if he'd thrown the task to let Caoimhe win, and the Australian replied: "How can I live here and know that I'm the reason she went home?". He was admitting that he'd deliberately done worse than Caoimhe, who would definitely have been sent home by fans if she'd faced eviction, and may even have quit.

Some people will see John's actions as chivalrous, but others will think him a fool, because clearly, given that she obviously received plenty of nominations this week, Caoimhe's peers want her out. So effectively he went against them by allowing her to stay. Of course, there's always the chance that John was just rubbish at the task and his male bravado forced him make an excuse!

Having won the task, Caoimhe got the opportunity to choose someone else to face eviction in her place, and she chose Nathan. The group went quiet, but Nathan just said in response: "Sound. Don't worry about it kid".

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So, John James faces Nathan in the public vote, and at this early stage it looks like the latter will go. Frankly, he's a bit of a 'nothingness' character, and the fact that he blew-up unnecessarily yesterday, which will be shown on tonight's (Tuesday's) highlight's show, won't do him any favours.

Admittedly, John James is quite volatile and argumentative, but he's often just kidding around, even if he's got a serious face on. That said, we're still waiting for JJ to have one argument too many, which is why we deemed him a bit of an outside bet here. In the meantime, he has more redeeming qualities than Nath (he's the only hunk, for a start), so will likely survive.

Who goes? YOU decide!

The voting telephone lines will open on Wednesday evening and we'll detail the numbers in our Nominations section when they do. In the meantime, you can vote in our 4th Eviction Poll, which you'll find in our dedicated Big Brother Polls section.

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