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Ben's Going Off Mario, Mario's Going Off Ben

Ben was keen to let Dave know just how much he likes him today, during a moaning session about the person he used to be closest-to, Mario.

As the pair sat in the wicker snug, Ben talked about how former-stalker Mario seems to blow hot-and-cold with him these days. The 30-year-old then brought-up the fact that Mario had turned on him just because he didn't offer him a piece of apple but gave David some.

"I've got my many faults," admitted the toff, before going-on to state that he's not an unbalanced person, the suggestion being that Mario is.

"In the outside world I would be friends with someone like you, even though I don't share some of your religious views," said Ben to Dave, adding: "I love you so much as a person; you bring so much fun and joy and humour".

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However, he then mocked Mario's pseudo-American accent and semi-camp manner, re-iterating that Mario had been totally OTT about missing-out on some fruit.

When Corin joined the pair, Ben stated that a jealous Mario had said he was going off him and might even despise his posh peer by end of the week.

To be frank, Ben has done well to put-up with Mario's flirting, constant attention and sexual innuendo until now, but given that they have little in common and Mario can be a bit of a drama queen, it's no surprise that they're drifting apart.

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