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Who Goes Tonight? YOU Decide!

Who Goes? YOU Decide!

Tonight, the 3rd Eviction of Big Brother 11 will take place, but since the contenders were established on Tuesday afternoon, it's been a bit up-and-down in respect of who's most likely to go.

Before the nominations had even taken place, it was clear that fans wanted Shabby out, with 44% choosing her in our 12-way 'Next To Go?' Poll. In the same Poll, which asked who you want out next, Sunshine had 7%, Dave had 15% and Caoimhe was the second-most-hated housemate on 16%, still a lot less than Shabs though.

As soon the nominees had been established, we ran a hypothetical Poll asking which one – Dave, Shabby or Sunshine – you would want out if those three remained contenders for eviction, even though we knew that was impossible due to the impending task.

The result of that Poll was that 55% of fans wanted Shabby out, 33% wanted rid-of Dave and 12% wanted to see the back of Sunshine. However, when Dave won the task and put Caoimhe 'up', fans began gunning for the Irish student over fellow contender Shabby, totally contradicting their voting in the previous 'Next To Go?' Poll!

The early result of our 3rd Eviction Poll was that Caoimhe had 47%, Shabby 37% and Sunshine 16%, but if we break down the voting into individual days since the Poll started, we can see changes in public opinion.

For the Poll voting subsequently went 50%/ 33%/ 17%, so more people wanted Caoimhe out but fans were laying-off Shabby. The next day's voting was 49%/ 32%/ 18%, so Sunshine was starting to take more of the vote. The next episode of Big Brother showed Shabby kicking-off, but that didn't seem to affect her at all in the Poll voting.

Just before Thursday night's highlights show, where Sunshine was seen causing a big fuss over being seen in her nightie, it was 47%/ 31%/ 21%, so the tide had already started turning against the medical student. Today, the most recent votes since the aforementioned highlights show can be split-up thus: Caoimhe 49%, Shabby 28%, Sunshine 23%, but what does that actually tell us?

Well, it reiterates that Caoimhe is still very unpopular and seems likely to go tonight. It also shows us that Sunshine has definitely become less popular over the past few days.

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We initially wanted Shabby to go along with the 44% of fans mentioned at the beginning of this article, however, we've since realised that Caoimhe is rather boring. Also, she billed herself as being selfish and bitchy, and obviously that behaviour won't endear you to fans. The fact that she has arguably been leading Shabby on sexually hasn't gone down well either.

Don't get us wrong, Shabby is still disliked, but she's almost a character that we love to hate, so perhaps fans will want to keep her there for a little while longer? Sunshine is undoubtedly annoying and self-obsessed, but she's not nasty, so she'll possibly be put on the backburner as far as fans are concerned.

That said, some people think that Shabby/ Caoimhe fans will gang-up and vote Sunshine out tonight. Frankly, that pair have very little support between them, although it's true to say that combined, they have more support than Sunshine does.

Conclusion: Caoimhe and Shabby detractors need to make sure that they bother to vote tonight, otherwise the Poll results will be irrelevant and Sunshine could be going.

If you fancy having a little flutter on the possible outcome of tonight's eviction (or perhaps a bet on the Overall Winner of Big Brother 11?), please visit our Polls & Betting Zone page where you can also find-out how to get yourself some FREE Bets worth over £50.

You can find the voting telephone numbers for tonight's eviction in our Nominations section.

Who goes tonight? YOU decide!

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