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What's Mario's Big Secret?

Does Mario Mugan Really Have A Big Secret To Tell?

Last week, Mario told the group he had a big secret that he would reveal if he got evicted. Since then, there has been plenty of speculation both inside and outside of the House as-to what it could be.

Among the suggestions are the possibility that he is related to the mafia, because he's half-Italian, has mentioned Sicily and also made reference to 'rubbing someone out' recently. The housemates also thought that Mario – a wannabe fashion designer – could be related to the Prada family.

Other suggestions are that he's really an actor and speaks in a fake British accent, fuelled by his rather odd twang which is sometimes reminiscent of Ireland, and occasionally the USA.

Some of his peers are convinced that Mario is still some kind-of mole, continuing to work for Big Brother in one way or another, but it is Shabby who's come-up with the best suggestions so far.

On Friday, the hat-wearing squatter came-up with a brilliant conspiracy theory: that Mario has a twin brother and the pair are swapping places at random. However, Mario didn't exactly help quash the paranoia when challenged about it, by saying: "Do you reckon you'd be able to tell the difference between me and my twin?"

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Since then, Shabby has speculated that Mario is the man behind the Tree of Temptation, and just puts-on the gruff voice and London accent when he talks to the housemates. However, we know that the Tree is actually played by one of the show's producers; a balding, slightly chubby bloke who's name we can't remember.

Because Shabby continues to puzzle over the issue and express her ideas to the group, some fans have accused the former actress of trying to manipulate them into nominating Mario at the upcoming Third Round.

We don't know about that, but the whole situation is rather intriguing and we can't wait to find-out what his big secret is when Mario eventually gets the boot.

In the meantime, let the speculation continue!

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