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The March Of The Metrosexuals

Tinky Winky, Ben Duncan And John James Parton - All Metrosexuals Alike

Appearing on the most recent 'Big Brother's Big Mouth' show, Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills defended Ben's sexuality and described him as 'metrosexual'.

Mills' comment came after an audience member suggested that Ben is gay, and admittedly many fans think the 30-year-old is a bit camp and not especially masculine. However, we've cobbled together a definition of the word metrosexual to help you decide if it describes him well:

Metrosexual - A young, heterosexual male with liberal political views, a refined sense of taste, an interest in fashion, someone who cares what he looks like and whose attention to his own appearance is sometimes likened to that of a homosexual man. A metrosexual will pay attention to the styling of his hair, often using a number of products, he loves clothes and also shopping for them, probably knows a thing or two about cooking, may describe himself as 'sensitive' or 'romantic', might wear nail varnish or men's concealer, and isn't afraid to embrace his feminine side. In essence, he is a man who seems stereotypically gay, except when it comes to sexual orientation and his preference in a partner. Metrosexuals are the antithesis of 'blokey' blokes, who throw-on any old clothes, reluctantly shop for clothes once a year, don't bother to style their hair, rarely look in the mirror, wouldn't dream of moisturising their face, believe that shaving the body is for girls only, think the arts are poncy, and would never show emotion in public.

To be honest, John James seems to fit that description as much as Benny does, what-with his varnished finger nails, well-styled hair, gym-honed body, regular use of an anti-aging light, fondness for Britney Spears music, collection of Barbie dolls and willingness to cry in public.

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Nathan, on the other hand, is your typical 'blokey' bloke, being proud of his unplucked monobrow, sporting manly chest hair, having (over)confidence in his own ability to attract women, and possessing a potential for aggressiveness/ confrontation.

Going back to Ben, you can understand why the rumours of him being gay persist when he does things like hilariously 'sashaying' up to the ball during the recent penalty shootout.

Not even the infamous metrosexual footballer David Beckham does that, and somehow we don't think neanderthal-like Wayne Rooney will be adopting the technique either!

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