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Shabby Plans To Quit If Caoimhe Gets Evicted

Shabby Katchadourian - Big Brother UK Housemate

She threatened to quit earlier in the day after the 'Hatgate' saga and subsequently finding-out that she's up for eviction, but in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Shabby seriously talked about following Caoimhe out the door if the Irish student gets evicted on Friday.

Both girls are facing eviction this week along with Sunshine, but it's very unlikely that the somewhat annoying medical student will go.

So, it rather looks like fans are faced with the choice of evicting Caoimhe and maybe getting shot of Shabby too, or just getting rid-of Shabby and seeing how Caoimhe mixes with the group once she's gone.

For we note that Caoimhe didn't offer to quit if Shabby gets evicted.

The pair were sat in the garden discussing the situation tonight, and Shabby expressed concern that the producers won't let her quit straight away if Caoimhe goes on Friday night. Whatsmore, the former actress told her best pal that she can't wait to get out, and is thinking about people on the outside now.

Later-on, Shabby decided that wouldn't quit of her own accord before the eviction has taken place, but didn't backtrack on her threat to follow Caoimhe out the door.

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So, it's still unclear what will happen if fans do evict Caoimhe, but we'd urge you not to take Shabby's threats too seriously. In other words, it could backfire if fans think they can get rid-of two housemates for the price of one.

For, you may dislike Shabby more than Caoimhe, vote Caoimhe out thinking that they'll both go, but then be stuck with Shabby for another week if she doesn't follow through on her promise to quit.

But even if she does quit, it will be annoying for Shabby's detractors because she will have denied them the opportunity to evict her and make her face the baying crowd.

Our advice? Just vote-out the one you dislike the most, as you normally would, and see what happens.

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