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Tonight, the 2nd Eviction of the series takes place, when either Ben, David, Govan or Mario will get their marching orders and leave the House for good.

Of the four facing eviction, Ben received the most number of nominations from his peers, and some fans seem to think that he stands a chance of going tonight. However, at 12/1 we're almost tempted to tip him as a good outside bet to win, and note that the Polls before the nominees were announced and since indicate/d that Dave is more likely to go.

That said, it doesn't seem worth talking about the virtues of either keeping or getting rid-of the religious nominee, nor mentioning why we should keep Mario in this week, as it very much looks like Govan will leave by a landslide.

We appreciate that the Polls (and bookies) got it wrong last week, but that was mainly because there was a late swing in public opinion against Rachael later in the week. There was probably also a low turnout in the public vote, and frankly, that's the only thing that could stop Govan going tonight.

In other words, although Mario is definitely safe, if Ben and Dave's detractors/ Shabby's fans pick-up the phone to vote them out, but Govan's detractors don't bother, there could be a shock result again.

That said, in internet Polls relating to the 2nd Eviction, Govan is between 30% and 50% ahead of Dave, so basically everyone that hates Govan would have to abstain. In saying that we're issuing a subtle warning to fans, because you can't sit back and do nothing if you really dislike and want to see the back of a certain contender. If you do, don't moan when there's a shock result.

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Of the contenders, we'll be happy to see Govan go tonight, especially as he now seems confident that he'll be safe and reckons Dave is likely to go. The bitchy and stirring 21-year-old has already stated that he'll probably cry if his name is called-out by Davina, so... get the Kleenex ready, matey!

If you fancy having a little flutter on the possible outcome of tonight's eviction (or perhaps a better bet would be on the Overall Winner of Big Brother 11?), please visit our Polls & Betting Zone page where you can also find-out how you can get yourself some FREE Bets worth up to £66.

You can find the voting telephone numbers for tonight's eviction in our Nominations section.

Who goes tonight? YOU decide!

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