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Shabby's Compliments To Ben: The Full List

Shabby Sucked-up To Ben For Secret Task

Yesterday afternoon, to make amends for her showdown with Ben, Shabby was given a secret task by the Tree of Temptation, which forced her to pay him at least twenty compliments within half-an-hour.

Here's what she said in sucking-up to the person she hates most among the group:

17:15pm  "You’re a legend."
17:16pm  "You’re really good at this hugging thing."
17:16pm  "Are you so shocked that I’m being nice to Ben, because he’s wicked?"
17:16pm  "You’re really good at hugging."
17:17pm  "You’d make an excellent gay."
17:17pm  "I think actually he is quite nice."
17:18pm  "You are quite nice despite everything, I guess."
17:18pm  "You’re good at the whole talking thing."
17:18pm  "I enjoy talking to you."
17:23pm  "You’re doing a wonderful job at cleaning, babes."
17:23pm  "Do you want to take part in a competition with me? I did it last night with Caoimhe; I reckon you’d be quite good at it."
17:24pm  "You’re doing such a bloody good job of it."
17:24pm  "Excellent hair."
17:24pm  "I reckon you’ll be bang on it."
17:25pm  "You’re bloody good at sucking."
17:25pm  "You’re like the winning champion."
17:25pm  "I reckon you’ll beat Dave."
17:25pm  "I’m putting my money on Ben on this, because I’m the sucking champion and he beat me."
17:26pm  "Ben you’re excellent at this."
17:26pm  "Ben you’re a legend."
17:28pm  "I could see you being a very good actor in the sort of stuff that I do."
17:28pm  "I wish in my film I had the part for the resident toff."
17:29pm  "Who’s the leader of the Famous Five? Julian? You’d make a good one."
17:29pm  "Okay then, you’d make an excellent dick."
17:30pm  "You’re very well-read."
17:30pm  "I think OCD suits you."
17:31pm  "I think you’re a true good pure perfectionist."
17:31pm  "He’s better than us."
17:32pm  "Do you wear contact lenses, because you have very bright blue eyes."

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17:32pm  "And I really liked the outfit you wore – can I borrow that shirt at some point?"
17:33pm  "You’re very good at making me feel a bit grounded today, which considering I detested you last night, is quite unusual."
17:33pm  "You’re lovely."
17:34pm  "Want a marshmallow? No, you’re sweet enough."
17:34pm  "You have such a wonderful way with words."
17:35pm  "Sensitive soul."
17:35pm  "You’re sensitive and hard and kind of… in the best kind of way."
17:36pm  "You’re a wonderfully complex person that is neither one nor the other."
17:37pm  "That’s very intuitive for a child."
17:38pm  "You don’t seem like you’d intentionally be horrible, you seem nice."
17:38pm  "From here on out, I’ll see you as a brother. You are my brother."
17:38pm  "I love this conversation."

Phew! That was a veritable barrage of positive comments! How did he not suss-out that she was being insincere?

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