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Nominees For The 2nd Eviction Confirmed

Yesterday, the Second Round of nominations took place, and as a result there were four nominees. However, for the second week in a row, Big Brother decided to implement a twist which would see the nominees competing in a task to try and avoid facing eviction.

So, nominees Ben, Dave, Govan, and Shabby all competed in the 'Scooter Slide Challenge' today, during-which they had to ride micro-scooters down a ramp and in-between some pillars, without touching the floor with their feet or knocking-down any pillars.

Because everyone else failed to complete the course, the victor was Shabby, who like Dave last week, had won the chance to save herself and put someone else up for eviction instead. She chose Mario, who got upset and had to be comforted by his peers.

So, Ben, Dave, Govan and Mario are facing eviction this week, and it's probably fair to say that of the four, Mario is definitely safe. And although Ben caused friction the other night by gossiping about Shabby, judging by the Polls leading-up to the announcement of the nominees, we'd say he'll be okay too. Therefore, it's probably between David and Govan this week.

We don't have a massive problem with Dave at this stage, but even if fans dislike him more than we do and he's in the running to go, it's hard to imagine the religous man getting anywhere near as many votes as Govan in the public vote. Indeed, Govan has become something of a hate figure.

Quite frankly, he doesn't really have any redeeming features, from admitting to being a faker, to winding-up the others, to constantly being bitchy. Okay, we've seen some tears from him more recently, but that's unlikely to be enough to make fans suddenly go 'Aww' and start liking the 21-year-old.

Govan described himself as 'likeable' before he entered the Big Brother House, but his behaviour so far hasn't really backed-up the claim. He's certainly no Corin in the popularity stakes (someone we've warmed to over the past week), and out-of all of the contenders for eviction, we'd rather see the back of him this week.

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Who goes? YOU decide!

The voting telephone lines will open soon and we'll detail the numbers in our Nominations section when they do. In the meantime, you can vote in our 2nd Eviction Poll, which you'll find on both our Home page and dedicated Big Brother Polls page.

If you fancy a bet on the outcome of the 2nd Eviction, you can find the links to the bookies on the aforementioned Polls page. The likes of Govan are already 'odds-on' though, so perhaps it would be better to have a little flutter on the Outright Winner market instead?

At the time of writing, a £15 bet on Corin would make you nearly £34 profit if it came right (9/4), on Steve it would make nearly £70 (9/2), £90 on Josie (6/1), £105 on John James (7/1), £120 on Nathan (8/1), £165 on Mario (11/1), £210 on Ben (14/1), £300 on Caoimhe, Ife or Shabby (20/1), £750 on Dave or Sunshine, and £990 on Govan (66/1).

Mind you, if you decide to take that last bet, you need your head testing!

Remember, new customers can also get themselves a FREE Bet once they've placed their first bet, so effectively you can back two possible winners for the price of one. Reee-sult!

Check back soon for more Big Brother UK Latest News, and please participate in our fun Polls and Big Brother Blog

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