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John Condemns Sunshine's Name

John challenged Sunshine today over her somewhat ridiculous name.

The chirpy medical student told would-be beau John that her name has been Sunshine for a few years, but the pedantic Australian pulled her up on it, re-iterating that it is her nickname, not her name. Indeed, her name is still Yvette legally.

'Sunshine' is just a name that she woke-up one day and decided people should call her, presumably reflecting her positive outlook. However, John spat: "I don't understand how you can introduce yourself to people that you've never met before (i.e. the housemates and viewing public), as a nickname".

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Having suggested that her nickname is something she should keep between friends and not tell everyone she meets, the 24-year-old Aussie – who once changed his name legally to Achilles and became known to his mates as 'Chills' – said: "It's ridiculous... ludicrous".

But Sunshine was angry at his unwelcome comments, snapping: "Are you really trying to wind me up?"

Hmm... if she was intent on adopting a descriptive nickname, why didn't Yvette choose something more fitting and helpful to anyone who meets her?

...something like 'Whiny-voice' or 'Annoying!'

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